Starfield HD Overhaul, Texture Pack for Starfield Now Available for Download

If you’re a fan of Starfield and looking for ways to improve your gaming experience, a modder named ‘luxor8071’ has something special for you. A new HD Texture Pack, Starfield HD Overhaul, has been released. The mod features enhanced textures, with resolutions from 2K up to an incredible 8K.

The Starfield HD Overhaul mod specifically improves the textures in several areas and on various objects in the game. As of its current version, here are some of the places you’ll notice improvements:

  • Akila City
  • Neon Billboards and Poster
  • New Atlantis
  • Wood
  • Fern
  • Real Water
  • Milky Way in 8K
  • HD Ceramic, Concrete, Glass, Metal, Decals, Paint, Plastic, Stone, and Floor

The modder has plans to extend the list of improved areas and objects in future releases. However, it’s worth noting that this mod does not work well with the HD Reworked Project.

How to Download and Install

The new HD Texture Pack can be downloaded from Nexus Mods. After downloading, simply unpack the .rar file into your Starfield main folder. You’ll find a new file named ‘Starfield HD – Textures.ba2’ in your Data folder.

To finish the installation, open your Starfield.ini file, look for the [Archive] section, and add the line Starfield HD - Textures.ba2 right after Starfield - TexturesPatch.ba2. Save the changes, and you’re good to go!

Starfield HD Overhaul is providing new and improved HD textures,
ranging from 2K resolution up to 8K.
He replaces hundreds of textures all over the world of starfield.
This is a ongoing project. So more stuff will come.


Download the Starfield HD Overhaul.rar file and
unpack it in to your starfield main folder.
There should be now a new file called 
Starfield HD – Textures.ba2 in your Data folder.

Then open your Starfield.ini, search for [Archive] and place this line:
Starfield HD – Textures.ba2 after Starfield – TexturesPatch.ba2.
It should look like this:

Save and done.

What’s included:

Akila City HD
Neon Billboards and Poster HD
New Atlantis HD
Wood HD
Fern HD
Real Water HD
Milky Way 8k
HD Ceramic, Concrete, Glass, Metal, Decals,
Paint, Plastic, Stone and Floor textures.

Thank you for choosing my HD Overhaul.
Happy Gaming.

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