The Division 2’s Year 5 Season 2, Puppeteers, Will Bring in New Missions, Gear, and More

The Division 2 is ramping up for an exciting new season titled “Puppeteers.” In Year 5 Season 2, Division Agents will be embroiled in a gripping new manhunt, a variety of new weapons and gear, and the return of fan-favorite Incursions.

To release the new Y5 Season 2: Puppeteers, we’ll take the servers down for a scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, at 9:30 AM.

Estimated downtime is 3 hours.

The new season centers around a manhunt for a character known as The Recruiter. The Division agents are tasked with rescuing hostages to uncover the schemes of Natalya Sokolova, a name familiar from the earlier seasons. Rescuing a key individual named Vikram Malik, who the Black Tusk group abducted, will help in exposing Sokolova’s plans. As agents complete these missions, they’ll also experience upgrades to The Castle, a central settlement in the game.

Although specific dates are yet to be announced, the season will have a structured calendar to guide players through the various activities and unlockables.

Incursions are back, and they’re more challenging than ever. This four-player endgame content pits Division Agents against tough bosses and complicated mechanics. The first in the line-up of Incursions is “Paradise Lost,” which will have agents taking on the Cleaners to liberate a captured settlement. This game mode also introduces a rare exotic item named Ouroboros, accessible through high-level Incursion missions.

Expect a wide array of new weapons and gear, including:

  • Iron Lung: An exotic Light Machine Gun that ignites enemies.
  • Collector: An exotic chest piece that significantly boosts grenade capacity and damage.
  • Ortiz: Exuro: A gear set designed to improve fire-based skills.
  • New Named Weapons: “Born Great” and “Grown Great,” both boasting the new talent “Perfect Stabilize.”

In addition to new content, players can expect several quality-of-life improvements. These include better notifications for Manhunt bounties, changes to Stinger Hive’s range in PVP, and the availability of Exotic Caches at DZ vendors, among other adjustments.

An apparel event named “NEXUS” is also on the cards. This event promises to offer new aesthetic options for your Division Agents. Premium Pass owners will receive additional keys for more unlockables.

The optional Season Pass can be bought for 1000 Premium Credits for players wanting to dive deeper. This unlocks a variety of skins, dyes, and emotes. There’s also a one-time offer for $19.99, which includes 1000 Premium Credits and an exclusive Art Deco Mask.

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