The Impact of Grenade Explosions on FPS in Counter-Strike 2 is ABNORMAL

A smooth gaming experience, marked by a high frame rate and low frame time, is crucial for players who take their gaming seriously. Counter-Strike 2, a popular installment in the long-running series, has many in-game elements that can influence these performance metrics. Notably, grenade explosions have been shown to cause a noticeable decline in FPS and a surge in frame time. Three individuals with different computer setups undertook a benchmark study to investigate this issue.

X users @ThourCS, @demonicious_, and @0facy spearheaded this benchmark test. They used their computers, each with varying specs, to gauge the effect of grenade explosions on FPS and frame time. All tests were executed at a resolution 1920×1080 and kept uniform video settings.

Specifications and Results

ThourCS’s PC (i5-12400F and GTX 1660 Ti)

  • FPS: Dropped from 404 to 165 (Down by 59.15%)
  • Frame Time: Increased from 2.3ms to 6.8ms (Max: 9.8ms)

demonicious_’s PC (Ryzen 7 5800X and RTX 3070)

  • FPS: Dropped from 584 to 385 (Down by 34.07%)
  • Frame Time: Increased from 1.5ms to 3.4ms (Max: 7.5ms)

0facy’s PC (Ryzen 5 3600 and RTX 3060)

  • FPS: Dropped from 290 to 245 (Down by 15.51%)
  • Frame Time: Increased from 3.4ms to 5.9ms (Max: 16.1ms)

Official Tweet by @ThourCS

In an official tweet, @ThourCS drew attention to this concerning issue and called for action from the game’s developers. See the tweet here.

The results of these tests are precise: grenade explosions in Counter-Strike 2 significantly impact game performance, mainly FPS and frame time. In a game where quick reflexes and timely actions are critical, these drops in performance can be detrimental.

These findings point to a need for the developers to optimize the game, especially regarding the effects and particles related to grenade explosions, to offer a better gaming experience to all players.

We extend our thanks to @demonicious_ and @0facy for their participation in this critical benchmark study. Their collective efforts offer valuable insights for gamers and developers alike.

For the Counter-Strike 2 development team, these findings should serve as crucial data, guiding performance optimization in upcoming updates.

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