Urzikstan is the Next Map Coming to Call of Duty Warzone

New content is always exciting for players of Call of Duty’s popular Warzone mode. The latest addition to look forward to is Urzikstan, a new map with a unique mix of settings and challenges.

One of the standout features of Urzikstan is its size and diversity. The large map gives you plenty of room to maneuver, whether you’re a sniper or prefer close combat. Cityscapes with towering buildings provide ample spots for ambushes and sniper positions. Urzikstan’s urban areas are a dream come true for those who like a good city fight.

Below you can see the map layout including the POIs.

If you’re not one for the hustle and bustle of city warfare, don’t worry. Urzikstan also features vast desert landscapes, perfect for long-range combat and vehicle-based skirmishes. You’re not confined to fighting on land either; the map includes water lanes, adding an extra layer of tactical decisions.

New maps mean new strategies, and Urzikstan offers something for every type of player. Whether you’re a Warzone newbie or have played for ages, you’ll find parts of the map that cater to your gameplay style. Team up or go solo. Either way, you’re in for an engaging experience.

Choosing your initial landing spot can often make or break your match. With a map as diverse as Urzikstan, the options are plentiful. Do you risk landing in a busy city area to loot quickly or play it safe by landing on the outskirts? Whatever you choose, every game promises to be a new adventure.

Its varied landscapes and exciting features are an open invitation for various strategies and playstyles. So load up your gear and get ready to make the first jump into this new world.

So, where are you planning your first drop?

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