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Visual bug shows Deerling evolving to Groudon in Pokemon GO

Something funny is happening in Pokemon GO, where Trainers to go evolve a Pokemon, but the screen shows a different evolved form.

One Reddit user has published that when they tried to evolve their Deerling into Sawsbuck, the game screen showed that the Pokemon would be “evolving” into Groudon. Well, who wouldn’t want that, right? Especially when it is a Pokemon from that rank. Unfortunately, the Deerling didn’t evolve into Groudon, which shows that this is a pure visual bug from Niantic’s end.

byu/BicycleNo4143 inTheSilphRoad

Nonetheless, Pokemon GO is filled with bugs and glitches nowadays, and it is brought to the extend that these problems greatly affect gameplay. We all understand that it isn’t possible for a game not to have some bugs and glitches here and there, but what we are seeing these days in Pokemon GO is a serious problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Have you gotten this bug? What Pokemon did it show on your screen?

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