You Can Do the “Michael Jackson Peek” in Counter-Strike 2

Picture this: deep into a round of Counter-Strike 2, your senses dialed in as you scan for enemies. When you think you have your targets lined up, an enemy player leans out from a corner in a way that looks oddly familiar. No, you’re not imagining things. That’s the “Michael Jackson Peek,” a move that’s turning heads and drawing laughs throughout the Counter-Strike 2 community.

Most of us are familiar with Michael Jackson’s iconic “Smooth Criminal” lean, a gravity-defying move that stunned audiences. Well, this famous dance move has found its way into Counter-Strike 2. Players are chuckling at the sight of characters leaning out from corners in a fashion that pays homage to the King of Pop.

The mechanics behind pulling off this funny move remain a mystery for now. Some speculate it’s a bug, while others think it’s an easter egg hidden by the developers. Either way, it adds a surprising and funny element to the gameplay. You can find it below, courtesy of u/thekappa27.

Michael Jackson Peek
byu/thekappa27 inGlobalOffensive

Online, the Michael Jackson Peek has been met with widespread amusement. Players share clips, recount their experiences, and express how this unexpected feature makes their games more entertaining. The humor of the situation is magnified when you consider that the world of Counter-Strike 2 is typically one of high tension and focus.

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