Ark: Survival Ascended Ready for PS5 Launch Soon

Studio Wildcard has officially announced the arrival of Ark: Survival Ascended for PlayStation 5, scheduled for November 30th at 9 AM PT. This release marks a significant step for the acclaimed survival game, expanding its presence in the next-gen console realm. However, it’s not without its challenges, particularly concerning the persistent “Join Failure” issue.

Originally planned for an earlier release, the Xbox Series X/S version of Ark: Survival Ascended faced several setbacks, leading to delays. Despite these hurdles, Studio Wildcard has managed to stay on track for the PS5 release. Players eager to dive into the dinosaur-infested landscapes will, however, need to exercise a bit of patience. New servers are set to go online a few hours post-launch, giving everyone ample time to download and prepare for the adventure.

An exciting aspect of this launch is the introduction of bonus rates, enabling PS5 players to catch up with their counterparts on Xbox and PC. This feature is a thoughtful addition, considering the delays and issues faced by the community.

Notably, the PS5 version currently grapples with the “Join Failure” issue, a problem already resolved on other platforms. Studio Wildcard has acknowledged this issue, citing that the cause wasn’t identified in time for the game’s submission. Consequently, a fix for this problem will only be available after the next patch clears certification.

While the game launches in early access on PS5, players can already explore ‘The Island,’ offering a taste of the survival experience. Studio Wildcard has also laid out plans for future content, including the Scorched Earth map set for a December release. Other maps such as Aberration, Extinction, Genesis Part 1, and Part 2 are on the horizon, promising a rich and evolving gameplay experience.

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