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Halloween 2023 ends early in Pokémon GO, Players unhappy with Rare Candy and Rare Candy XL drop rates

Ah, November is here, and we’ve just bid farewell to the spookiest month of the year. But hold up, was it really that spooky? Or did the Pokémon GO Halloween 2023 event leave us wanting more treats and fewer tricks?

First off, let’s touch on the timing. You’re out, trick-or-treating or enjoying some Halloween fun, and boom, the event is over. Three hours early. Seriously, Niantic? We get it, you announced the end time, but come on! People were still out on the streets, probably dressed as their favorite Pokémon, hoping to catch a few more spooky spawns. Ending Halloween festivities while it’s still Halloween is like cutting a birthday party short. Just why?

Now, onto the Rare Candy debacle. Look, we all love surprises, especially when it involves catching costumed Pokémon that drop Rare Candies. But a less than 1% drop rate for Rare Candy and Rare Candy XL? That’s not a treat; that’s a trick, and not the good kind. Trainers caught 50, 100, heck, even more costumed Pokémon, all in the hopes of scoring some of that sweet, sweet Rare Candy. And what did they get? A big ol’ bowl of disappointment.

If Niantic plans to roll out events within events, like this Rare Candy XL bonus, they’ve gotta up their game. Events should be about increasing the odds of catching that particular Pokémon or, in this case, boosting the Rare Candy drop rate. Anything less feels like a half-hearted attempt that does a disservice to the dedicated Pokémon GO community.

So what’s the verdict on Halloween 2023 in Pokémon GO? While there were some fun aspects like new Pokémon spawns and bonuses, the execution left a lot to be desired. Timing issues and skimpy drop rates on Rare Candy soured what should have been a celebration.

What about you, trainers? Did you catch costumed Pokémon on the last day? How many Rare Candies or Rare Candy XL did you manage to snag? Share your thoughts, we’re all ears.

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  1. The whole thing was a disappointment. I was the one dressed on the street as Eevee tonight with my friend, and her kids. Not a single ghost spawned other than Yamask.

    Also, I’m a shiny hunter and only found one shiny the entire event… which ironically happened to be Eevee. Despite trying multiple times for Phantump, Misdreavus and Zorua in particular.

    The Amazon research was the best part tbh. Hopefully next year’s will be better!

  2. I also was disappointed especially with the spawn’s, I didn’t even get 1 shiny I did get just 1 rare candy drop, I found out that Niantic took away several of my shiny pokemon that I caught last Hall, so I went from having multiple shiny zoobats to having zero what’s up with that??? They also took my son’s largest pokemon an almost 5000 shiny slaking we’re still shaking our heads over these why is Niantic stealing pokemon from people oh they also took my shiny pidove I should have 2 but thanks to the theft I only have 1 I rarely get a shiny unless it’s from the community day then I get a bunch
    I thought this game was fun but with my shiny rate I feel cheated and just an fyi I am disabled and I still go out and play daily

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