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How to beat Arlo November 2023, Shadow Pokémon and counters in Pokémon GO

Team GO Rocket has always been the menacing group in the bunch, and we all know that they take the best Pokémon with their evil claws and corrupt them to join the other side.

That is why Trainers are here, to rescue those poor and tormented Pokémon from Team GO Rocket and their poisonous ways of living. However, there are a few tricks when it comes to Team GO Rocket, and that is their Leaders known as Arlo, Cliff and Sierra.

You may have thought that all of them are easy to beat, but oh boy, they are far from that. Leader Arlo is easier, but even though we say easier, we do not mean that Arlo can be defeated in a matter of seconds. Your best bet against him is to use Fire-type Pokémon, Fighting-type Pokémon, Ghost-type Pokémon, or Dark-type Pokémon. Make sure you are using a Pokémon that has a Fast Attack and Charged Attack that matches the Pokémon’s type.

It is better to come into battle prepared as much as you can, so here is Arlo’s Pokémon line-up and best counters to beat in November 2023.

Arlo Pokémon line-up and counters November 2023

  • Pokémon 1 – Bellsprout
  • Pokémon 2 – Alakazam, Sharpedo, Mismagius
  • Pokémon 3 – Snorlax, Scizor, Magnezone

Arlo Pokémon Counters November 2023

  • Machamp/ Shadow Machamp
  • Blaziken
  • Tyranitar/ Shadow Tyranitar
  • Origin Forme Giratina
  • Terrakion
  • Reshiram
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