Noctuary releasing on PC featuring a Blessing system on November 28

Diving into a magical world is all we want, where we can hang out with fairies, mythical creatures and other magical critters. But what happens if that magical world is in critical condition?

Gratesca Studio, a Chinese developer, has announced the launch of their isometric action-adventure game, Noctuary, on November 28 for PC via Steam. The game holds a vibrant and captivating experience, immersing players in an enchanting fairy tale of illuminators.

Noctuary unfolds the tale of two protagonists, Alina Nightsong and Fancia Dream, as they embark on a quest to become Arborangers, protectors of their world. Players will navigate a fairy-tale-like universe, delving into the characters’ daily adventures while uncovering the life story of a mysterious girl who descends from the sky.

The gameplay features dynamic battles against the Darkritters, threatening the illuminators’ peaceful existence. Players can hone their combat skills, letting out powerful combo attacks and mastering different skills unique to each character. The ability to switch between Alina and Fancia during battles adds strategic depth, enabling players to counter enemy attacks effectively.

Your choices in the game influence the narrative, impacting the ending of the protagonists’ journey. The “Blessing” system adds another layer of depth, allowing players to strengthen their characters by cultivating friendships and combining “Blessing Petals” embedded with many features.

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