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Pokemon GO Arceus supposedly coming to Pokemon GO Fest 2024 with another Legendary Pokemon

The creator of all Pokemon, the Pokemon that created the Pokemon universe with its 1,000 arms may be joining us next year. Yes, you heard us right.

Ever since the creation of Pokemon GO, Trainers have been talking about the most powerful Pokemon named Arceus, who coincidentally is the creator of all Pokemon, and when it will arrive in Pokemon GO. To be honest, I have been thinking about it a lot, but finally, we have some news (read: leaks).

The well-known content creator PokeAk posted a video that discusses leaks and exclusive information about Pokémon Go, particularly focusing on a new Pokémon, Arceus, apparently coming during Pokemon Go Fest 2024. The content creator states that he hasn’t heard anyone talking about this, so it means that this is an exclusive leak.

The leaked details about Arceus hint at a darker theme (how fitting), potentially tying in with a mythical or extra legendary Pokémon like Volcarona or Volcanion. Speculations on Arceus’s release and potential ties to weather conditions are also discussed, where he says that Arceus’s ability to change types is closely related to weather changes, and let us remind you, Arceus can be any Pokemon type it wishes.

I really am excited about Arceus’s most anticipated arrival, and I am sure you are too. However, keep in mind that nothing is officially confirmed, so all of this might turn out to be false.

What are your thoughts on these leaks? Do you believe that Arceus will join us during Pokemon GO Fest 2024?

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