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Pokémon GO Ban Wave, Temporary Limitation notification causes Players’ concerns

A sudden ban wave in Pokémon GO has left many players concerned and confused. On November 15, 2023, numerous trainers reported receiving messages about unusual activity on their accounts, leading to temporary gameplay limitations. These restrictions have caused considerable worries within the community, especially among those who claim they have never used third-party apps or engaged in any form of cheating.

The message, “We have detected unusual activity from your account,” has become a common sight for many players today. While it’s clear that affected accounts will face some play restrictions, the duration of these limitations remains uncertain. Although it’s hoped that these bans won’t last longer than 24 hours, there’s no official confirmation yet.

This unexpected ban wave raises questions about the criteria used by Niantic to flag accounts for unusual activity. The lack of clarity and communication from Niantic has only added to the players’ worry. It’s important for players to understand that sometimes false positives can occur in such systems, leading to unwarranted restrictions.

Keep an eye on our website for further developments on this issue. We aim to provide the latest updates and advice on how to deal with these sudden gameplay challenges. Feel free to share your experiences and opinions on this recent ban wave in the comments section. This is a time for the Pokémon GO community to come together and navigate through these confusing circumstances.

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  1. I was very upset and still am! I now can’t login to my level 50 account. I had issues logging in through Facebook as my Facebook account was hacked over the weekend. When I messaged niantic support through my son’s account, They said they were not able to help me because there were previous punishments on my account which is not true. They would not provide any details about what these “punishments” were for or anything and just suggested I make a new account. I have spent so much time and a good amount on money on this game and I’m very disappointed. Moral of my story is the bans seem like bulls*** also don’t use Facebook to login because in the unexpected event of my Facebook being disabled, now I can’t get it back. Neither Niantic nor Facebook are any help. If you do however login with Facebook I believe you can link to your Google just incase

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