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Pokemon GO December 2023 events and Raids, latest leaks

Leaking, I mean thinking, is all that is left to do right now, and indeed we did that. If what we found out is true, December 2023 is about to be the best month of the year.

Before proceeding, we have to remind you that nothing is official yet, these are just leaks and rumors, so nothing might come out to be true. Please be mindful of that. Until official news comes, trust nothing and no one.

Onto the leaks. Some time ago (today) certain leaks came to light, and when we read them, we kind of got excited. All that wintery feeling, the feeling of coziness and familiarity came over us, and we immediately felt content. Like everything will be more than great in December 2023.

The events and Raids Trainers will supposedly see in Pokemon GO are the following.

December 2023 leaked events

  • December 3rd, 2023 – Hisuian Samurott Raid Day + a possible Shiny debut
  • December 4th, 2023 – Routes event, NPC Route appearances
  • December 9th, 2023 – Catch Mastery event + Shiny Cryogonal Debut
  • December 11th, 2023 – Classic Kanto Tour
  • December 16th until 17th, 2023 – Recap Community Day + all 2022 and 2023 Community Day Recap
  • December 18th, 2023 – Winter Holiday Part 1 + Wyrdeer Raid Day + possible Shiny Debut + new Costumed Pokemon
  • December 25th, 2023 – Winter Holiday Part 2 + Shiny Vanillite debut + new Costumed Pokemon

December 2023 leaked Raids

Five-Star Raids

  • Reshiram
  • Zekrom
  • Kyurem
  • Regigigas

Mega Raids

  • Scizor
  • Altaria
  • Glalie
  • Abomasnow

If this is true, we will be over the moon.

What do you think about this? What would you like to see happening in December 2023?

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