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Pokémon GO Ditto November 2023 surprise, Costumed Diglett joins the Disguise List

Trainers, in a surprising development, one player’s encounter with a costumed Pokémon led to an astonishing reveal, it was actually Ditto in disguise. This marks the first instance where Ditto has taken the form of a costumed Pokémon, with a Fashion Diglett being its debut disguise.

The ongoing Pokémon GO Fashion Week is not just a showcase of stylishly costumed Pokémon from this and previous events, it’s now a ground for intriguing gameplay twists. Among these fashionable Pokémon, some can be shiny, adding to the excitement. However, the real surprise came when a seemingly ordinary costumed Diglett transformed into a Ditto. This revelation has added a new layer of mystery and excitement to the hunt for Pokémon during the event.

Ditto, known for its shape-shifting abilities, has expanded its repertoire. It can now morph into various Pokémon like Grimer, Tympole, regular Diglett, Snubbull, Litleo, Corphish, Roggenrola, and Starly. The latest addition to this list is the Fashion Diglett, adding a fashionable twist to Ditto’s disguises.

Costumed Diglett can be a Ditto!
byu/user22568899 inTheSilphRoad

While the Ditto didn’t retain the costume post-transformation, this time losing its stylish hat, the idea of a costumed Ditto adds a unique and whimsical element to Pokémon GO. It raises the question: what if Ditto could keep its costumes after transformation? Imagine the excitement of catching a fashionably dressed Ditto. This scenario would certainly rank as one of the rarest and most unique experiences in the game.

Stay alert, trainers. The next costumed Pokémon you encounter might just be a cleverly disguised Ditto. Keep your PokéBalls ready for these surprising encounters during the Fashion Week 2023 event.

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