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Pokemon GO November Spotlight Hour featuring Buneary

Trainers, we are on the verge of meeting with the Bunny Pokemon. Let’s have a real talk, who doesn’t like bunnies?

As part of the Spotlight Hour events in November 2023, the chosen Pokemon for today’s Spotlight Hour event is Buneary. This amazing Pokemon at first glance looks cute and innocent, but oh boy, it is very far from that. Those cute half-rolled-up and rolled-down ears actually store Buneary’s ability to attack, and it will use them the first chance it gets. Buneary also uses its ears to jump, by slamming them on the ground.

Now, imagine this Pokemon as part of the Spotlight Hour November 2023 event. We think that it is a Pokemon worth giving a shot to, and Spotlight Hour is the perfect event to do that. Spotlight Hour events are very well known to Trainers, and they see these events as a chance to take advantage of the bonuses, stack up on Candy and find the Shiny Pokemon with the perfect stats (shundo, as we call it).

You may have noticed that we mentioned bonuses. Well, yes, as part of every Spotlight Hour event that lasts for one hour (from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time), besides multiple wild encounters with the Pokemon, Trainers can also enjoy a bonus, usually related to catching Pokemon or evolving them. For the Spotlight Hour November 2023 event featuring Buneary, the active bonus is going to be 2x XP for evolving Pokemon.

If you thought of evolving a Pokemon right now, keep it in your mind, wait a few hours, and evolve it during the Spotlight Hour event to snatch the XP so you can level up faster.

What do you think about this? Let’s discuss Spotlight Hour November 2023 featuring Buneary in the comments below.

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