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Pokemon GO player helps a kid in need

Pokemon GO isn’t just a game. Pokemon GO is about people gathering together, making friendships, having fun, and sometimes, saving people’s lives.

One Pokemon GO player told their story about saving a little girl’s life on Wooper November 2023 Community Day, and what they felt after saving her was indescribable.

The player says that they went to their local park in hopes of catching Shiny Wooper, and there they saw a little girl playing by herself. They asked her where she lived and where her parents were, but there was no response. Soon enough, the little girl was in the lake, water up to her knees.

The Pokemon GO player shouted for help, however, the little girl didn’t stop moving, and the water went up to her neck. The player then got the little girl out by using a rope and called emergency services. Later, the player found out that the little girl was actually autistic, and ran away from her house while her parents weren’t paying attention to her.

What would’ve happened if that player wasn’t there trying to catch a Shiny Wooper on November 2023 Community Day? Fortunately, Pokemon GO saves lives.

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