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Pokémon GO PokéStop Showcases featuring Litwick and Tadbulb

Every human being likes to show off their possessions from time to time. Most of us though. Pokémon GO gives Trainers the perfect opportunity to reveal their most excellent Pokémon to other Trainers, and we love it.

Trying to revive Pokémon GO and return its glory, Niantic released something called PokéStop Showcases. Essentially, these Showcases are for Trainers, and the chance to enter eligible Pokémon in a “contest” and compare Pokémon attributes. This means that any eligible Pokémon that is entered in a Showcase by their Trainer will be “judged” by their size, height and everything else. The Pokémon with the highest number wins, while the rest of the Pokémon win a symbolic reward.

Every event has a rule on what Pokémon is eligible to enter, and for the favorite upcoming event named Festival of Lights, the eligible Pokémon for Showcases are Litwick and Tadbulb. The Festival of Lights event in Pokémon GO is hours away from the beginning, so be on the lookout. Each PokéStop that you will see has its different purpose, so pay attention for where you can enter your Pokémon, and what is the criteria.

All in all, this competition between Trainers is a fun way to show off your Pokémon.

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