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Pokemon GO Scatterbug excellent throw, is it possible?

The thing I have been struggling with the most in Pokemon GO is definitely doing an excellent throw. Small Pokemon that are not so close on the catch screen are by far one of the most difficult, but are they really?

A Trainer has done an in-depth video of them doing an excellent throw on a small Pokemon, and that Pokemon is Scatterbug. Now, I have never landed any kind of a throw while catching Scatterbug, let alone an excellent throw. But somehow, this Trainer has managed to do a video analysis on how they are doing it, and how should other Trainers try to do it, and for that, we are more than grateful.

Now, the Trainer is left-handed, so they are showing the “trick” according to lefties. Still, I guess that this is also applicable to the right-handed people out there (including me). They say that the PokeBall should be thrown at the left side of the circle, with a release point of a 45-degree angle. If the throw is low, it will be hitting the ground, and if it is too high, it will completely miss the Pokemon. At just the right angle, at the right time, release that PokeBall and land an excellent throw. A joy that is indescribable.

Have you landed an excellent throw? What Pokemon is the easiest to get an excellent throw?

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