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Pokémon GO Zygarde Downgrade Confirmation Warning

Pokémon GO’s Zygarde, a standout Gen 6 Pokémon, has been around since the Season of Hidden Gems and became a notable part of the Blaze New Trails event in July 2023. What sets Zygarde apart in Pokémon GO isn’t evolution, it’s its ability to change Formes. For players aiming to complete their Gen 6 Pokédex, catching Zygarde is a must, but there’s more to it with its multiple forms, Zygarde 10%, 50%, and the 100% Complete Forme.

Changing Zygarde’s Forme in your collection requires using Zygarde Cells, stored in the Zygarde Cube. Here’s the catch, to get Zygarde in its Complete Form, you need to use 250 Cells. However, a recent discovery, as found by Pokeminers, adds another layer to this mechanism. If you decide to downgrade Zygarde from its Complete Forme to the 50% Form and to switch back to the 100% Complete Forme again, you’re going to need 200 Zygarde Cells. This change, as unveiled in the latest text update, challenges players to think twice.

Are you sure you want to change Zygarde from its Complete Forme to its 50% Forme? You will need 200 Zygarde Cells to change back to its current form.

Given that the Zygarde Cube can only hold 250 cells, this makes frequent Forme changes a strategic decision rather than a casual choice. Niantic’s approach here seems to be about adding complexity and making players weigh their options more carefully.

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