Realm of Ink set to launch next year, featuring Yin and Yang skills and Ink Pets

Leaping into an eye-pleasing realm is great, but what is not great is that your destiny is sealed, and no matter what you do, the outcome will always be the same.

The announcement of Realm of Ink has shaken some things up in the gaming world, and it is a roguelite action game from Chinese publisher 663 Games and developers Leap Studio and Maple Leaf Studio. Scheduled for release on consoles and PC (via Steam) in 2024, this game promises an immersive journey into a virtual realm filled with secrets and challenges, with a narrative centered around the heroine Red.

In this adventure, Red, a skilled swordsperson, discovers her existence within the pages of a short story collection known as Realm of Ink. As players navigate this virtual realm controlled by the mysterious Book Spirit, they will unlock the dark secrets that shroud Red’s identity and defy the predetermined fates that govern the inhabitants.

Realm of Ink features four distinct themed stages, each brought to life with ink-style art. From the Buddhist forests to the Monkey Kingdom, the game promises a visually stunning experience. As players progress, they’ll unlock various characters, utilize the power of the ancient Scriptbound Fox and Fox Blood, and engage in battles with formidable Bosses to shape their own destinies.

The game’s features include diverse martial arts schools, Yin and Yang skills, and the use of Ink Gems to explore various builds. With hundreds of rare magical treasures offering unique effects and character development outside of combat, players can unlock new combinations of moves and combat styles.

Realm of Ink not only invites players to explore distinctive stages but also introduces intimate Ink Pets, mysterious companions that evolve alongside the narrative. As players delve into the unknown, collect Ink Relics, and face off against bosses, the game promises an experience filled with surprises and challenges.

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