Robots at Midnight revealed by Finish Line Games heading to Xbox Series and PC

Finish Line Games has just unveiled an exciting addition to the gaming realm with Robots at Midnight.

Robots at Midnight is an action RPG set in a Cassette Futurist universe that promises both narrative depth and expansive exploration. Scheduled for release on Xbox Series and PC via Steam and Microsoft Store, the game offers a blend of intense combat, colossal monsters, and satirical robots. While the release date remains undisclosed, the anticipation for Robots at Midnight is growing, promising an immersive and engaging adventure in the Cassette Futurist universe.

Set on the now-ruined luxury destination of Yob, players are thrown into an unforgiving world overrun by dangerous inhabitants. As they navigate the challenging landscape, they’ll unravel the secrets of their family and the corrupted truths embedded within the planet. “Robots at Midnight” introduces real-time intense combat, allowing players to discover their unique fighting style, manage stamina, and hone their skills against a variety of robots.

The game’s narrative-driven experience encourages players to delve into the deep lore of Yob, guiding the protagonist, Zoe, as she awakens in a completely new world. Dynamic movement, both in and out of combat, adds an extra layer of strategy, with options ranging from climbing and jump boosting to dodging and flipping.

The inclusion of robots in various shapes and sizes, each with distinct strengths and weaknesses, ensures that players will encounter a diverse array of allies and foes throughout their journey.

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