Sony Releases Surprise PS5 Update

If you’ve turned on your PS5 today, you might have noticed something new: Sony has released a fresh update for their flagship console. This unexpected firmware patch, version 23.02-, landed on November 8, catching gamers by surprise.

Weighing in at 851.3MB, the update is substantial enough to raise eyebrows, but not so large as to cause a stir for those with data caps. Sony, however, has kept their cards close to their chest this time, as no official changelog has graced our screens post-installation.

Traditionally, these kinds of updates include the usual enhancements to system performance. More specifically, they’re known to smooth out the user experience and patch up any vulnerabilities that might have slipped through the net during previous releases. Considering we received a sizeable update last month that introduced several new features, it stands to reason this one is about tightening the bolts and giving the system a once-over for safety’s sake.

It’s quite common for console makers to be reactive with their firmware updates, especially when it’s about bolstering security. With no flashy new features to talk about, it’s likely that Sony is staying ahead of any potential exploits that were unearthed after the last major update.

For the everyday gamer, this update will likely come and go without much fanfare. Downloads will be automatic, assuming you’ve got that option selected, and the chances are you’ll be back to gaming with little to no interruption. If we find anything new, we’ll update this article.

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