The Day Before Final Trailer Reveals New Details, Early Access and more

After a prolonged silence that left many fans scratching their heads, Fntastic finally lifted the curtain on its upcoming zombie survival game, The Day Before. Today’s stream showcased the game’s official gameplay trailer, just as promised. For those who missed it, the event was packed with revelations.

The gameplay trailer, which can be found posted below, entered the world of The Day Before. It looked at the game’s environments, including withered areas overrun with zombies. Players can expect a mix of combat and stealth mechanics, along with the necessity of teaming up for survival. Vehicles, previously teased in cryptic videos, were also featured, revealing their importance in navigating the complex world.

Of equal significance was the news about the game’s Steam listing. It’s now back! The title had previously been delisted due to various complications. This is big news for fans worried about the game’s future availability.

Despite earlier concerns about potential delays, the developers seem to have altered the release date slightly, starting in Early Access Starting on December 7. Are you excited? Oh, also don’t forget about the booty action you’d be getting, haha.

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