Bungie Joins Forces with Stream Hatchet for Better Analytics

Bungie, the creator of the acclaimed game Destiny, has partnered with Stream Hatchet, a business intelligence arm of GameSquare. This collaboration will revolutionize how Bungie interacts with and understands its audience across various live-streaming and social media platforms.

Stream Hatchet’s expertise in data analytics will provide Bungie with comprehensive insights into audience behaviors and preferences. This collaboration is poised to elevate Bungie’s already significant presence in the gaming world. By leveraging Stream Hatchet’s advanced tools, Bungie aims to refine its content strategies and foster stronger connections within the gaming community.

GameSquare CEO Justin Kenna encouraged the partnership, highlighting the synergistic potential between Stream Hatchet’s analytics prowess and Bungie’s innovative gaming content. “This alliance is not just about data analysis; it’s about integrating that insight into Bungie’s creative processes to create more engaging and resonant gaming experiences,” said Kenna.

The partnership also includes using Sideqik’s influencer CRM technology, another GameSquare branch, to expand and manage Bungie’s network of content creators and affiliates effectively. This move signifies a comprehensive approach to engaging with the gaming community on multiple fronts.

Eduard Montserrat, CEO of Stream Hatchet, commented on the excitement of the collaboration. “Our goal is to empower Bungie with robust data analysis and insights that will enhance their live-streaming marketing strategies and audience engagement,” he stated.

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