Dota 2 Streamer ‘Mason’ Gets Banned from the game in a unique way

We told you there are tons of bans...

Popular streamer Mason found himself on the naughty list this Frostivus season. Valve, known for its silent yet impactful decisions, decided to deliver a special ‘gift’ to the streamer, leaving the community both shocked and amused.

In what can only be described as a Frostivus miracle (or mishap, depending on whom you ask), Mason, known fo his controversial Dota 2 streams, received an unexpected present from Valve. The gift, a beautifully wrapped box adorned with Frostivus decorations, seemed innocent enough. However, upon opening, it revealed a unique item – a lump of coal, accompanied by a message that read, “Your Dota account has been permanently banned for smurfing or other violations of the Steam Terms of Service.

Another added, “Mason always said he wanted to leave a mark on the game. I guess he got his wish, just not in the way he expected!

While the ban itself is a serious matter, the delivery method has been the talk around the globe. You can watch it as it happened below.

At this time, Mason is trying to rescue himself by posting on social media. However, he admitted that he paid a boost to someone to boost his behavior score, for which might have been the reason for this ban.

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