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New World is getting a new update tomorrow, Season Story, Season Pass, Artifacts and more

Adventurers and fans of New World, brace yourselves for an enthralling new journey as Amazon Games rolls out the Eternal Frost update. Scheduled to begin its downtime across all regions at 5 AM PT on December 12, with a planned duration of two hours, this update promises a riveting blend of new challenges and festive delights.

Set in the icy realms of the Great Cleave, this Level 65 Expedition introduces players to the frozen depths of a cavernous complex. Your mission? To track down and defeat the Varangian Knight Ser Loth, using the power of the Empyrean Flame against his ice magic.

Embrace the holiday spirit with the Winter Convergence Festival, running through January 9, 2024. Expect revamped Winter Village Gifts, Gleamite Meteors, and player-influenced rewards. The Winter Warrior and his Frigid Folk are set to challenge parties of 20+ players across various locations for seasonal loot.


The Glacial Tarn Expedition, seasonal narrative, new Artifacts, some Journey tasks, and a few of the Challenges will all require Rise of the Angry Earth to experience.



A Knight of the Round Table has unearthed forbidden knowledge of the Ancients, seeking to subjugate humanity with the power of an eternal winter. Rally your team of Silver Crows, and convince a surly fire mage named Daichi to help track down and vanquish the Knight before he lays waste to Aeternum.



Eternal Frost introduces a new Season Journey, new Activity Card, new Challenges, and new rewards including cosmetics and consumables.



The Glacial Tarn is a new Level 65 Expedition set in the Great Cleave. Explore a cavernous frozen complex hidden beyond the Empyrean Forge in pursuit of the Varangian Knight Ser Loth. Locate and harness the primordial magic of the Empyrean Flame to overcome enemies and obstacles imbued with Ice Magic, and destroy Ser Loth before his power consumes all of Aeternum.



Find and equip 8 new Artifacts to redefine your playstyle. These powerful weapons and armor feature their own quests. Stun and shock enemies with the Boltcaster Bow, boost your speed and reduce cooldowns with the Winged Shoes, freeze and finish your enemies with The Frozen Gauntlet, and more.


The following feature will release later in the season:



Team up with players from any world within a region to overcome challenges within the depths of Aeternum. The new, one-click Group Finder will automatically assemble a role-balanced, cross-world group—no more lobby management required!




Holiday cheer spreads across Aeternum once more as Winter Convergence blankets the Eternal Isle through January 9, 2024. This year’s festival features changes to Winter Village Gifts, Gleamite Meteors, and rewards based on player feedback. You can also purchase new and returning items in the Event Shop.

The Winter Warrior and his legion of Frigid Folk are on a relentless mission to spread a Forever Winter across the land. Rally a party of 20+ players to defeat this open-world boss wreaking havoc throughout Great Cleave, Brightwood, Edengrove, Ebonscale Reach, and Brimstone Sands for new seasonal rewards.


Before corruption plagued the ancient structures, citizens of Ebonscale Reach used to bring tributes to sacred places in hopes for fortune and blessings. Team up with other adventurers and awaken the ancient dragon spirit once again for unique, daily rewards!


In a ravage and uncertain place like Aeternum, it is rare to find one fully committed to honor and loyalty. If you walk the warrior’s path, visit the Store for new Ronin’s Shadow items. Which skins and emotes will you add to your collection?



Celebrate the launch of Eternal Frost with the Scarlet-Masked Twitch Drop. This Drop contains 5 skins: Scarlet-Masked Soldier’s Menpo, Scarlet-Masked Soldier’s Cuirass, Scarlet-Masked Soldier’s Kote, Scarlet-Masked Soldier’s Kusazuri, and Scarlet-Masked Soldier’s Kusari Tabi. It will become available for Twitch viewers alongside the Eternal Frost. Tune into your favorite New World content creator with Drops enabled before January 9, 2024 to claim yours!

“It could be anyone behind the mask. One supposes that is the point.”


To claim the first item, viewers will need to accumulate 2 hours of watch time on a New World Twitch Channel with Drops enabled. The skins will be claimable in the following order:

  • Scarlet-Masked Soldier’s Menpo (2 total hours watched)

  • Scarlet-Masked Soldier’s Cuirass (4 total hours watched)

  • Scarlet-Masked Soldier’s Kote (6 total hours watched)

  • Scarlet-Masked Soldier’s Kusazuri (8 total hours watched)

  • Scarlet-Masked Soldier’s Kusari Tabi (10 total hours watched)

If you haven’t done so already, make sure your Twitch account is linked to your Amazon Games and Steam accounts. You can find the steps you need to follow on our Twitch Drops page. This Drop is available for all content creators to enable in the New World category. Twitch Drops can only be claimed once per account.

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