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Pokémon GO Announces the Hidden Surprise Event After It Ended

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Trainers, the Hidden Surprise event in Pokémon GO, featuring Kecleon, was a unique, global experience that took place from 5-8 PM on December 18, 2023. However, it seems Niantic and Pokémon GO had a bit of a slip-up – they forgot to make an official announcement about the event until it was already over.

The news of the Hidden Surprise event first came to light thanks to a Japanese player. We at FutureGameReleases were fortunate enough to pick up on this story and share it with the wider Pokémon GO community, ensuring that everyone had the chance to join in on the Hidden Kecleon excitement. The official announcement from Niantic and Pokémon GO came only after the event had concluded, leaving many trainers surprised.

It appears that Niantic and Pokémon GO are experiencing a shaky month. This month has been marked by a series of oversights and mistakes. First, there was the unintended release of Black and White Kyurem, followed by the accidental availability of the Fast Move Drain Punch, and now the missed announcement for the Hidden Surprise event.

These slip-ups, while they have brought some unexpected excitement to the game, also highlight a need for more steady communication and planning from the Pokémon GO team. As we move forward, the community surely hopes for smoother sailing and more timely updates for upcoming events and features.

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