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Pokémon GO Battle League Bug Traps Trainers in Endless Loops of Losses

Just as I thought that everything was quiet in the Pokémon realm, a bug strikes again.

It’s nothing new actually, but this time, this certain bug affects GO Battle League stats, and we all know how hard we have been working for the perfect result. Being trapped in a loop of “failures” is a Pokémon GO nightmare I wouldn’t wish upon my greatest enemy.

Nearly every Trainer that has been affected by this bug says that right before the end of a battle, they all suddenly get a “Bad Connection” notification, and suddenly, they are trapped in a loop where the opponent Trainer either attacks or is getting attacked. Over and over again.

Due to this, Trainers must exit the Battle, which the system counts as a loss (or in some cases, multiple losses). This is one serious bug, so we hope that Niantic will fix it soon.

Is this happening to you? Do you have any fix?

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