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Pokémon GO Bewear Drain Punch Fast Move Defeats Pokémon in 2 Seconds

Trainers, after the surprise appearance of White and Black Kyurem, Niantic threw us another curveball: Drain Punch became available as a fast move. For a brief moment, this seemed like the most powerful move in the game. But, as luck would have it, it was just another oops moment from the team, and they’ve since pulled it from the lineup.

Some quick-moving trainers managed to get Drain Punch for their Bewear. The twist? It’s not working in Great Battle League or Raids. So, it’s kind of like finding a rare Pokémon card that you can’t trade or play with, cool but a little frustrating.

Lately, it feels like Pokémon GO is dishing out more surprises than a Jigglypuff at a karaoke party. These ‘mistakes’ from Niantic and Pokémon GO are turning out to be the kind of stuff we actually want to see more of in the game. There’s something fun about these unexpected twists, right?

So here’s a thought, why not keep White and Black Kyurem around as a sort of hat tip to the rollercoaster that was 2023? With all the bugs, glitches, and the occasional server naptime, wouldn’t it be neat to have these rare appearances as a sort of badge of honor? A ‘We survived 2023’ souvenir, Pokémon GO style.

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