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Pokémon GO Buddy Pokémon Bug Causes Different Buddy Pokémon Sizes

I guess that since it is cold out here, everything becomes smaller. Note that I am talking about Pokémon.

Several players have come out and told the Pokémon GO community that their Buddy Pokémon has been changing its size each day. For instance, if my Buddy Pokémon is an XXL Pokémon, yesterday it was portrayed in my profile tab as an XXL Pokémon, but today, for some reason, that same Pokémon is shown as an XXS Pokémon.

Not that it affects gameplay, but this shouldn’t happen to a game like our beloved Pokémon GO.

All players have said that they have checked in with their fellow Trainers, and some of them had the same problem, yesterday an XXL Pokémon (as it should be), today an XXS Pokémon.

What is happening we do not know, but has this happened to you? Have you reported it to the “higher-ups”?

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