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Pokémon GO Guaranteed Critical Catch Technique Not Effective in Raids

Update: The critical catch trick doesn’t work on Galarian Birds. One fellow player tested the theory, but unfortunately without success.

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Trainers, we’ve been chatting about that cool new critical catch trick in Pokémon GO, right? The one where nailing an excellent throw when the catch circle is at its smallest could up your critical catch game. But, let’s pause and zoom in on something pretty important here.

Turns out, this nifty trick might not be the magic solution for every situation, especially when it comes to Raid Battles. Yeah, the word from the Pokémon GO streets is that this guaranteed critical catch strategy doesn’t quite work with Raid Bosses. So, if Raids are your thing, you might want to keep this in mind before banking on that one-and-done catch.

Now, onto a big question hanging in the air: What about the Galarian Birds? We’re all a bit curious, aren’t we? Does this trick work on them? Well, the jury’s still out on that one. We’re kind of hoping some adventurous Trainer out there will take one for the team and fill us all in.

And remember, getting this throw just right is seriously tough, it’s probably the trickiest throw in Pokémon GO. But hey, if you can master it, you might just find it super useful for those non-Raid catches.

So, Trainers, keep practicing those precise throws. And stay tuned, who knows, maybe we’ll have some exciting news about those Galarian Birds soon.

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