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Pokémon GO Guaranteed Critical Catch with Perfect Excellent Throws Tip

Trainers, there’s an interesting tip circulating in the Pokémon GO community that’s worth checking out. It’s about boosting your chances of a critical catch by timing your excellent throw perfectly when the catch circle is at its smallest.

So, what are critical catches In Pokémon GO? Critical catches usually mean the Pokéball gives you just one shake before you catch the Pokémon. Most of us thought this was down to luck, but it looks like there’s a technique that could make it more predictable.

This method could be a real advantage in tricky situations like Raids or when you’re trying to catch Pokémon like the Galarian Birds. For regular Pokémon, it’s a neat skill, but the real value comes in those tougher catches.

Mastering this throw is quite the challenge, it’s arguably the hardest throw in the game. But, for those who can perfect it, it could be a game-changer.

So, why not try it out for yourself? With a bit of practice, you might just find yourself landing more critical catches than ever before.

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