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Pokémon GO How to Make New Friends ‘Faster’? Smart Way to Complete ‘Make New Friends’ Tasks

Trainers, are you struggling to make new friends in the game to complete specific tasks and earn rewards? Don’t worry, we’ve got a neat little trick that might just be the solution you need.

We all know how rewarding friendships can be in Pokémon GO. They let you connect with fellow Trainers, increase Friendship levels, send Gifts, and even trade Pokémon. But what if you’re finding it hard to make new friends, especially when you need to complete tasks like ‘Make {?} new Friends’ and are eager to claim those rewards?

Here’s a simple yet effective workaround that anyone can use, and it won’t mess up your current Friendship levels. All you need to do is unfriend and then re-friend the same person twice, or three times. Simple, right?

This trick is not only useful for completing ‘Make new Friends’ tasks but can also be a lifesaver for Raid quests. If you need to battle five Raids, all you need to do is find a Tier 1 Raid, participate in it, and then, instead of moving on to a new Raid, simply exit and re-enter the same Raid five times.

So, next time you’re stuck on a friend-related task in Pokémon GO, remember this little trick. It’s a quick and easy way to keep progressing in the game and enjoy all the rewards that come with it.

FYI: If you have trouble making friends, all you need to do is unfriend and refriend the same person 3 times.
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