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Pokémon GO January 2024 Spotlight Hours with Stardust Bonuses and Mushroom Pokémon

There is always a little something-something in all Pokémon GO events, and we must discover what surprise Niantic manages to keep secret.

Well, there isn’t a Trainer on this planet that would say that they don’t like bonuses and don’t enjoy them. When it comes to Stardust and XP, we all would like to earn as much as we can, so that we can use it on our beloved Pokémon to be better and stronger in Battles. Especially the ones that are coming our way.

Well, lucky for us, January 30, 2024, will be a big day for all Stardust fans. It seems that all Pokémon that are classified as mushrooms give extra Stardust when a Pokémon is caught in Pokémon GO, and well, it happens that a mushroom Pokémon named Foongus is going to be the host of a Spotlight Hour event happening exactly on January 30, 2024.

It is like this: Foongus is giving out 500 Stardust for catching, and during the Spotlight Hour event, there will be a 2x Stardust for catching Pokémon bonus active. I guess you might know by now what we are hinting at. If not, January 30, 2024, is going to be the day where you should use a Starpiece, and even benefit from the weather boost.

So, if you are using a Starpiece and a weather boost, you will be getting 500 Stardust for catching Foongus, plus the 2x Stardust bonus, plus 25% weather boost, plus x1.5 Starpiece bonus. That folks, equals 1875 Stardust per catch. Yes, you read that right, PER CATCH.

But if you think that everything is easy, it is the opposite. These Pokémon have a low catch rate, so you might be wasting some PokéBalls, but that doesn’t matter that much, as you will be earning Stardust like never before.

Mushroom Pokémon to the rescue, catch them all!

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