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Pokémon GO Michael Steranka’s 2023 Promise, Genuine Game-Changer or Just Empty Words?

As we approach 2024, it’s the perfect time to reflect on our Pokémon GO journey, placing a special focus on the latter half of this year.

Back in May 2023, Michael Steranka and John Funtanilla, key figures behind Pokémon GO, emphasized that “actions will speak louder than words.” But as we are standing at the year’s end, it’s worth asking: did those actions make the impact we hoped for?

Looking back, we’ve seen some interesting additions to the game – Party Play, Routes, Shadow Raids, to name a few. But the real question is, did these features meet our expectations? Did they bring the kind of changes that could rekindle the player base?

So, Trainers, I’m turning to you. How do you feel now as we wrap up the year? Has Niantic lived up to its promise of meaningful action? Did the new features do enough to redeem the game (if you felt redemption was needed)?

And more importantly, are you excited about what Pokémon GO has in store for 2024? Have the updates and changes made you more enthusiastic about continuing your adventures, or do you feel there’s still more to be desired?

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