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Pokémon GO New PokéStop Showcases, Compete with Psyduck, Vanillite, and Cetoddle for Rewards

Trainers, ready for some exciting news? Pokémon GO has rolled out three special showcases, and they’re all available from December 25 at 10 am until December 31 at 8 pm. This time around, we’re focusing on Psyduck, Vanillite, and Cetoddle.

A PokéStop Showcase is a local event where you, the Trainers, get to compete to feature your Pokémon at nearby PokéStops. When you’re out exploring, keep an eye out for a symbol on the Map above a PokéStop – that’s your cue that there’s a Showcase happening.

Joining a PokéStop Showcase is super easy. Here’s how you can get your Pokémon into the spotlight:

  • Visit a PokéStop with an active Showcase and enter your Pokémon that fits the Showcase criteria. You can either go with the suggested Pokémon or choose a different one from your inventory.
  • If you catch a wild Pokémon that’s a good fit for a nearby Showcase, or if it’s a better candidate than what you’ve already entered, you’ll get a prompt to enter it into the Showcase right from the Pokémon’s details page.

Once your Pokémon is in the Showcase, you can check their ranking anytime in the Today View. Feeling like a switch? You can swap your current entrant for another Pokémon in your inventory.

Remember, you can participate in up to 3 PokéStop Showcases at the same time.

When the Showcase ends, head over to the Research menu to get notified about the results. You’ll see the winner and the top Pokémon in the Showcase. Go back to the PokéStop where you entered to claim your rewards.

So, Trainers, with Psyduck, Vanillite, and Cetoddle headlining these showcases, it’s the perfect time to get out there and show off your Pokémon. These showcases are a fantastic way to engage with the community, compete in a friendly environment, and earn some cool rewards.

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