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Pokémon GO Offers Same Remote Raid Box Contents, Yet One Costs 100 PokéCoins More, What’s Happening?

Trainers, we’ve stumbled upon something pretty interesting in the Pokémon GO realm, thanks to a hot thread on the biggest Pokémon GO Reddit. It’s about Niantic’s latest move with Remote Raid bundles, and it’s worth a chat.

So, here’s the deal. Niantic’s got these two Remote Raid bundles up for grabs. But here’s the kicker, both packs are offering the exact same contents: 1 Star Piece, 3 Remote Raid Passes, and 1 Lucky Egg. Yet, there’s a twist in the tale. One of these bundles is tagged with a ‘15% discount’ label but is actually 100 PokéCoins pricier than its twin.

A fellow Trainer, who knows a thing or two about branding and marketing, had something interesting to add:

  • If you’re not into number-crunching, you might just overlook the price difference. It’s a bit of a sneaky move because, without the math, you wouldn’t realize there’s a trick at play.
  • For those who take a moment to do the math, you’re meant to feel like you’ve just stumbled upon a great deal. It’s a classic pricing strategy, kind of like those subscription services that nudge you toward picking the middle option.

But hey, with the Holidays around the corner, we were kind of expecting some sweet deals from Niantic, right? This situation, though, it’s a bit of a letdown. Not the coolest move, especially for the seasoned Trainers who’ve been around the block.

Keep an eye out, Trainers. Always good to stay sharp and make sure you’re getting the best deal for your PokéCoins.

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