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Pokémon GO Players Report Touch Response Issues Across Devices

A fellow player using an Android device has been noticing some touch response issues lately, and it seems like they’re not alone in this.

When it comes to healing or reviving Pokémon too quickly, it looks like the game isn’t registering all the clicks, leaving some Pokémon still in need of care. And have you ever tried scrolling through your Pokémon, only to accidentally select one? It turns out this issue is more common than we thought.

Interacting with the map is also hit-and-miss these days. Whether it’s trying to catch Pokémon, spinning PokéStops, or battling at gyms, the touch accuracy just isn’t what it used to be. For some, the touch response on the map stops working entirely, with a workaround involving jumping into a research task catch to get it back up and running.

Post-trade scenarios are also a bit of a headache. Some players are finding that the game’s response freezes up, leaving them no choice but to restart the app. And selecting Pokémon in raid lobby rooms? Well, that’s turning out to be a bit of a challenge too due to touch inaccuracies.

It’s not just Android users facing these issues. iOS players have been reporting screen stuttering that’s messing with PvP timing and affecting gameplay overall.

Is it just me or touch response is becoming terrible recently?
byu/throwaway2456215 inTheSilphRoad

So what’s going on here? It looks like the game’s user experience isn’t keeping pace with all the new features and trackers being added. Despite running on Unreal Engine 4, the responsiveness seems to be taking a hit.

We’re curious to hear from you, Trainers. Have you been experiencing these issues too?

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