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Pokémon GO Shiny Holiday Pikachu Odds Revealed

Trainers, Niantic is bringing some festive cheer with new costumed Pokémon in Pokémon GO, including Holiday Pikachu and Holiday Raichu, complete with their shiny forms. If you’re wondering about your chances of catching a Shiny Holiday Pikachu, you’re in luck, we’ve done a little digging to bring you the shiny rates.

The event runs until December 25, 2023, at 10 AM, so don’t miss your chance to catch the shiny costumed Pokémon, Holiday Pikachu. While Cetoddle and Holiday Psyduck are also making their debut, their shiny versions are playing hard to get and aren’t available just yet. But let’s focus on what we really want to know, what are the odds of encountering a Shiny Holiday Pikachu?

Our findings show that the chances of encountering a Shiny Holiday Pikachu stand at about 0.85% or roughly 1 in 120. You can find Holiday Pikachu in several ways: popping up in raids, appearing as a reward for opening 5 Gifts in the event-exclusive Field Research task, or as a prize in both the Winter Holiday Part 1 and Part 2 Timed Research, the Winter Wishes branching Research, and the Frosty Festivities Special Research.

Have you caught a Shiny Holiday Pikachu yet? If so, share your festive Pokemon GO experience in the comments below. Happy hunting, Trainers, may your holidays be shiny and bright.

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