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The Finals 1.4.0 Patch Notes

The Finals game has received a significant update with patch 1.4.0, introducing various balance and quality-of-life improvements. Below you can find the full patch notes.

The Finals Patch Notes 1.4.0

Balance Changes

Goo Gun
  • Fixed an issue where goo could block the player
Mesh Shield
  • Mesh Shield Health reduced to 1100 from 1250
Recon Senses
  • Recon Senses activation cost reduced to 1 from 2


  • C4 max player damage reduced to 210 from 240
  • C4 max damage radius reduced to 1.6m from 2.4m
  • C4 self-damage multiplier increased to 1.3 from 1
Dome Shield
  • Dome Shield health reduced to 300 from 350
Gas Mine
  • Gas Mine arming time added (1.6 seconds)
Glitch Mine
  • Glitch Trap arming time added (1.6 seconds)
Goo Grenade
  • Fixed an issue where goo could block the playe
  • Mine max player damage reduced to 140 from 160
  • Mine damage radius reduced to 3.5m from 4m
  • Mine arming time added (1.6 seconds)
Pyro Mine
  • Pyro Mine arming time added (1.6 seconds)
  • RPG-7 max player damage reduced to 150 from 165
  • RPG-7 min player damage reduced to 80 from 90
  • RPG-7 damage radius reduced to 4.5m from 4.75m
  • RPG-7 max damage radius reduced to 1.5m from 2.5m
  • RPG-7 aim-down sights dispersion increased slightly
  • RPG-7 hip-fire dispersion increased slightly
Stun Gun
  • Increased Stun Gun range to 12m from 10m


Game Show Events
  • Added a repulsor to the flying saucers in the ‘Alien Invasion’ event
  • Updated strain in various buildings, to give better destruction results
  • Resolved an issue where cashout stations would become invisible before players finished the transfer


  • Disallowed Deathmatch game show event from occurring in BankIt game mode


  • Slight adjustment to AKM recoil pattern
  • Flamethrower fire rate increased to 170 from 160
  • LH1 damage increased to 47 from 45
Melee Weapons
  • Fixed an issue where melee hits didn’t always connect with enemy players
  • M11
  • M11 damage increased to 16 from 15
  • Riot Shield
  • Fixed a bug where the shield would block bullets, while invisible, during interactions (e.g. reviving or stealing extractions)
  • SA1216 pellet dispersion increased slightly
  • SA1216 damage per pellet reduced to 7 from 8


  • Reduced instances where you unintentionally climbed on objects outside of the player’s view.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck without being able to give input
  • Prevented placement of ziplines on pickupables


  • Various fixes to contestant screens
  • Polish to the social screen, which now hides the “Invite to party” button when you are not the party leader
  • Added a warning to the UI that appears when players are in danger of being AFK kicked
  • Player health bars now use the squad color when selected in the settings
  • UI shows you as “unranked” unless you’re among the top 500 on the leaderboards
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