Thrasher, The New Cosmic Racer from Thumper’s Creators Emerges on Steam

Thrasher, a new title from the creative minds behind the popular game Thumper, has surfaced on Steam, hinting at a release next year. Just ahead of The Game Awards, too, imagine.

Described as a “mind-melting cosmic racer and essential audiovisual experience,” Thrasher promises to take players on an unparalleled journey. The Steam page reveals intriguing details about the game: “Use fast-paced gestural controls to evolve your space eel from worm to mega beast in a breakneck race for survival that begins at the dawn of time.

With its unique premise and the reputation of its creators, Thrasher is shaping up to be a game that could captivate the gaming community. Its appearance on Steam has already generated excitement, and the anticipation for its release is building.

As we await more details about Thrasher, we’re curious to hear your thoughts. Are you excited about this new cosmic adventure? What are your expectations from the team behind Thumper? Share your views and join the conversation about this upcoming game.

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