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Warframe’s Update 35 Whispers in the Walls, Notes and More

Warframe players are in for a treat as the game unveils its latest significant update, “Whispers in the Walls.” This update marks a monumental chapter in Warframe’s cinematic lore, further unraveling the enigmas of Albrecht Entrati and the mysterious Man in the Wall.

Newcomers to Warframe join at a pivotal moment, as the game’s narrative and development reach an exhilarating juncture. The “New Player Guide” is a recommended starting point for those eager to dive into the Whispers in the Walls content.

Returning players are also welcomed back with open arms. The latest developments and changes can be caught up on through the “Returning Player Guide.”

Whispers in the Walls is classified as a Mainline Update, incorporating a vast range of content developed since the launch of Abyss of Dagath. This update is packed with new features, improvements, and fixes. Players are encouraged to explore the detailed patch notes for a comprehensive understanding of all the enhancements.


The mysteries left behind by the brilliant Albrecht Entrati and the unknowable Man in the Wall have begun to unravel. Welcome to Whispers in the Walls: the next major chapter of Warframe’s sprawling cinematic story!

New or rejoining? Welcome all!

If you are NEW to Warframe, you have joined at an exciting point in the game’s story and development! To prepare for the journey ahead of you to reach the Whispers in the Walls content, read our New Player Guide.

If you are RETURNING to Warframe, welcome back! Get caught up on the latest content with our Returning Player Guide.

SPOILER WARNING: If you are in need of a refresher on the Warframe story so far, you can take a peek into the [REDACTED] files found on a particular machine located in the new Sanctum Anatomica hub on Deimos after you have completed the Whispers in the Walls Quest.

Whispers in the Walls is a Mainline Update!
Meaning that everything the team has been working on since the launch of Abyss of Dagath is in this update (with the obvious exception of content that is not ready to be released). It is very likely, as it is with all Mainline updates, that things slip through the cracks so we will be watching for bug reports and feedback in the Dedicated Whispers in the Walls Subforums to address in follow-up Hotfixes.

If any of the terms above are new to you, visit “The Warframe Lexicon for Updates” to learn more about Warframe’s development cycle.

Update Download Sizes: 

  • DirectX 11: 2.82 GB
  • DirectX 12: 4.18 GB
    • The larger download size is due to all new optimized DirectX 12 shaders.

There is so much to explore in Update 35: Whispers in the Walls! We highly encourage you to read the patch notes in full to learn all you can about the Whispers in the Walls update! But if you are looking for a specific topic, simply CTRL+F the following keywords to jump to its dedicated section:

  • Time-Limited In-Game Alerts: Earn Sevagoth & Epitaph!
  • Cross Platform Save Rollout (Begins Dec 14th)
  • Cross Platform Trading & Gifting
  • New Cinematic Quest: Whispers In The Walls
  • Coming Soon – Operation: Gargoyle’s Cry (Begins Dec 18th!)
  • New Tileset: Albrecht’s Laboratories
  • Deimos Expansion: New Nodes & Mission Types
  • New Syndicate: Cavia
  • Albrecht’s Laboratories Bounties
  • New Warframe: Qorvex
  • New Archgun: Mandonel
  • Qorvex Collection
  • New Melee: Ekhein
  • New Secondary Weapon Type: Tome
  • New Mods
  • New Deluxe Collection: Sevagoth Glaukus
  • Archon Shard Expansion: Coalescent Fusion
  • Arcane Dissolution
  • New Heavy Attack System: Tennokai
  • New Player Path Improvements
  • Archgun Deployer: Heavy Weapon Changes
  • New In-Game Market Items & Bundles
  • Enhanced Graphics Renderer On PC
  • Additions, Changes, Optimizations, Top Fixes, And General Fixes



Sign in starting December 13th @ 3 PM ET until December 20th @ 3 PM ET to play the following alerts and earn the Blueprints and Components for the Sevagoth Warframe, as well as his signature Epitaph Secondary Weapon and Glyph.

  • Alert 1 Rewards: Sevagoth Blueprint and Epitaph Blueprint
  • Alert 2 Rewards: Sevagoth Systems and Epitaph Receiver
  • Alert 3 Rewards: Sevagoth Chassis and Epitaph Barrel
  • Alert 4 Rewards: Sevagoth Neuroptics and Sevagoth In-Action Glyph



STARTING DECEMBER 14TH, we will begin the rollout of Cross Platform Save across all available Platforms!

Cross Platform Save is an upcoming optional feature that allows you to Merge or Link your accounts to unify Warframe progress across all platforms. This allows you to use a single Warframe account across any Linked or Merged platforms (with some restrictions outlined in this FAQ).

To ensure success and stability during the launch of this highly requested feature, Cross Platform Save will be made available in staggered phases.

You can check if your Account is included in the latest phase and is ready for Cross Platform Save by going to the Account Management page on

If you do not qualify for the active phase, please wait for our announcement that the next phase is live before checking again. We appreciate your patience while we roll out these features — our intention is to have Cross Platform Save in everyone’s hands in 2023.

We are excited to reach this milestone in Warframe with the arrival of Cross Platform Save allowing Tenno to access their account on any Platform they choose. We will of course monitor and respond to any issues during the rollout phases. If you would like to report an issue or share feedback, please use our dedicated Cross Platform Save sub-forums.

For errors encountered during Cross Platform Save account setup, please contact Warframe Support

Thank you for your cooperation and feedback while we ensure the landmark new feature is working for all Tenno!

For all the details on the Cross Platform Save rollout, including an extended FAQ, please visit:



Tenno can now trade with players on different platforms (depending on those players’ Cross Platform settings). Trading will function the same as gifting, except for trading Platinum between Nintendo Switch and other platforms, which is not available.

To trade with friends or fellow Tenno across platforms, make sure you are using a Cross Platform Save Account (or PC account*) and have Cross Platform Play enabled via your in-game settings. TennoGuard 2FA is required to trade in-game items with fellow Tenno in Warframe, which can be enabled via the Account Management page.

*PC accounts can automatically trade with players on other platforms — provided that both players still have Cross Platform Play enabled in their settings and that any non-PC player trading with them has a Cross Platform Save Account (more information on this in the link below).

For all for the details on Cross Platform Trading & Gifting, please visit:



Deep within the Necralisk, a dormant precept known as The Kalymos Sequence has been activated. You must return to Deimos and investigate Albrecht’s hidden, subterranean Laboratories for any clues he may have left behind.

Whatever he was working on, you will quickly discover that his Laboratories are the source of many unknowns…

The Whispers in the Walls Quest acts as an introduction into Warframe’s next major chapter. As with all research, discoveries often lead to more questions…

Note to Content Creators: Content creators are able to broadcast and/or publish VODs of their Whispers in the Walls Quest experience without DMCA concerns. This does not include edited video content outside of the context of your gameplay stream which includes licensed music from the Quest.

Quest Prerequisites
You must have the following Quests completed to access the Whispers in the Walls Quest:

  • Heart of Deimos
  • The New War

Note: We have removed Mastery Rank requirements from all main story Quests (which includes those listed above) to allow players to enjoy story content without the delays that Mastery Rank gain and tests would cause (more information on that covered below in the New Player Path Improvements section below).

Quest Rewards

  • Blueprint for the New Warframe Qorvex
  • New Secondary Weapon: Grimoire 
    • Max Ranked and includes a Weapon Slot and pre-installed Orokin Catalyst.
  • Melee Upgrade Segment (more information in the New Heavy Melee Attack System: Tennokai section)
  • Mentor’s Legacy Mod (more information in the New Heavy Melee Attack System: Tennokai section)
  • Melee Arcane Adapter (more information in the New Heavy Melee Attack System: Tennokai section)
  • Access to the Cavia Syndicate in the new Sanctum Anatomica hub on Deimos
  • Access to new Deimos nodes and mission types



The Murmur encroaches on our systems, Tenno. The Whispers beyond the Wall are a new threat; we must ensure they stay confined to Albrecht’s Laboratories

Operation: Gargoyle’s Cry is a time-limited event, launching on December 18th @ 11 AM ET on all platforms! 



1. Complete the Whispers in the Walls Quest 

If you are new to Warframe and have not completed the Heart of Deimos and The New War Quests to be able to play the Whispers in the Walls Quest, we have made it much easier in this update to catch up! More information on that in the New Player Path Improvements section below.

2. Be a part of a Clan and own a Clan Key 

If you aren’t already in a Clan, you can either join or create one!

How to Join a Clan: 

  • You can either search for a Clan OR a friend can send an invite to join theirs. To search for a Clan, follow these steps:
  • Pause Menu > Communication > Clan > Select the “Search for a Clan” option.
  • From there you can choose from the available options (Tier, language, activity level, etc.) to search for your ideal Clan.
  • Select the Clan that appeals most to you to send in a request to join, from there the Clan can accept your request if you also meet their requirements.

How to Form a Clan:

  • Pause Menu > Communication > Clan > Select the “Form a Clan” option.
  • Enter the name of your Clan
  • Congrats you are now the Founding Warlord of your very own Clan!

In both scenarios, a Clan Key is required for the Operation as you will need access to your Clan’s Dojo. Upon joining/creating a Clan, the blueprint will be added to your Foundry for you to craft it.

3. Ensure a Clan Member has the Architect or Dojo Decorator Role

Placing a Decoration in your Clan Dojo is a key component to participating in the Operation. In order to do so, you’ll need an active Clan member with the Architect or Dojo Decorator Role! A Clan’s Founding Warlord, Warlord, General, Officer, and Sage all have this role by default.



Impressive though they may appear, the Laboratories are not without dangers of their own. You’ll find the gilded alcoves patrolled by abandoned Necramechs faithfully defending their departed master’s secretive research.

These majestic halls constitute a brand-new Warframe tileset, expanding outwards directly from the tunnels beneath the Necralisk. Gilded rooms filled with instruments are not all that can be found below… A haunting but familiar presence also lingers within the labyrinth. Weaved in with Albrecht’s place of research are vast bleak spaces where an unending storm rages on, a clear demonstration of The Man in the Walls’ influence.


Known by many names, The Murmur are the hands (and feet, and eyes, and… you get the idea) of The Indifference. They are attempting to break through Albrecht’s Laboratories into the Origin System – something Tenno will need to stop at all costs.


*The image above shows The Anatomizer in the foreground and The Hollow Vein in the background. 

The Fragmented 
On the rare occasions when Murmur fragments assemble themselves into a whole, the result is a monstrous and potent entity. It may manifest in three different forms, the Suzerain, Zelator and Anchorite, with a fourth form, The Fragmented One, being the most formidable of all. Together, as heralds of the Indifference, they tether down the Strands of Khra which their bizarre master must travel. To learn more about where and how you will encounter The Fragmented, read the Assassination: The Fragmented section.

The Severed Warden
Brutally cut from the Indifference in order to protect the greater whole, its three hands bestow the Void’s twisted blessing upon its allies, so long as they remain attached.

The Anatomizer
A vortex of clinical destruction, it hurls explosive charges, intent upon dismembering opponents as it was itself dismembered.

The Hollow Vein
Albrecht Entrati was unsure whether this awkward composite was the result of the Indifference’s incomplete understanding of human anatomy, or an attempt at creative rearrangement thereof.

Shuffling Fragment
In its calcified chaos, the Indifference is disjointed even from itself.

Lumbering Fragment
These sundered limbs have only partly fused. Lumbering, mindless horror is the result.

Hurling Fragment
Clings to the cliffs and walls, hurling masonry on anything unfortunate enough to be traveling below.

Rupturing Fragment 
This lumbering fragment, unconcerned with self-preservation, is liable to rupture violently when in proximity to its target.


*The image above shows the Rogue Arcocanid. 

Originally designed to defend Albrecht’s Laboratories from outsiders, these Necramechs have gone rogue and will attempt to destroy any interlopers who cross their path.

Rogue Culverin
An experimental Necramech, optimized for ranged combat, built for Albrecht Entrati by his son-in-law. It now fights alongside the very Murmur foes it was meant to repel.

Rogue Arcocanid
An experimental melee Necramech, a variant on the Tombjockey class, built for Albrecht Entrati by his son-in-law. It now fights alongside the very Murmur foes it was meant to repel.

Rogue Voidrig 
A robust, if primitive, war-engine initially developed by Albrecht Entrati’s son-in-law to fight in the Old War and now repurposed as a laboratory guardian. Confused as to who its true master is, it now sides with the Murmur, contradicting its original precepts.
The Laboratories are brimming with instruments and research technologies that can be used to your advantage!

Summon Personal Necramech
Colorless antiques pepper the Laboratories and contain archaic hacking technology. Convince the system to let you in by matching the corresponding icons to the sequence.


Inserting the incorrect sequence (red icons) will increase corruption levels, which risks failing the hacking attempt. Correctly matching the sequence will reward you by delivering your personal Necramech and your Squad’s to nearby dispensers. Once a terminal has been used, it is disabled for the rest of the mission and the ability to summon a Necramech is put on cooldown. Seek out new terminals once the cooldown has expired to once again dispatch your Necramech!

Vitriol Phials
As one might expect, the Laboratories contain a multitude of health and safety hazards beyond the enemies that patrol the halls. Most notable being the Vitriol Phials – destroying them releases their Corrosive contents which can aid against foes but watch your step! Vitriol does not distinguish friend and foe.

Lohk Surges 
Lohk Surges are inescapable reminders that the Void has leaked into the Laboratories… Interact with them to provide you and your squad a buff. Be wary that doing so will spawn a foe!

There is much to discover in the Laboratories. If you can brave the dangers within, your searches within its long and winding corridors will prove fruitful.

Codex Fragments: Albrecht’s Notes
Much has unfolded within the confines of Albrecht’s Laboratories and he made sure to document the events of his research in great detail. These notes are bound tightly within his Grimoire, which can materialize in the Laboratories, but be forewarned… unbinding it and looking into Albrecht’s lost notes summons something that cannot be easily banished. If you are successful in eliminating it, a note from Albrecht’s Grimoire may be left behind in its stead.

Physical manifestations of Voidtongue cries, moans, and whispers. There are three kinds of Voca: Shrill Voca, Bellow Voca, and Echo Voca. 


They are sought after by the Cavia and are used in the following ways:

  • Turn in for Cavia Standing in the Sanctum Anatomica hub on Deimos
  • Exchange for Wares in the the Sanctum Anatomica hub on Deimos
  • Used to craft Qorvex, Ekhein, and more

Voca can be earned as rewards in Cavia Bounty drop tables and can be found throughout Albrecht’s Laboratories similarly to Syndicate Medallions (squad-wide pickups!). Each mission spawns 8 Voca for you to seek out. They emit a distinct sound when you are near them, so keep your eyes and ears open as you explore every nook and cranny.

The following resources can be found by exploring Albrecht’s Laboratories, killing enemies within them, and completing the new Deimos missions.

Entrati Obols
During the Orokin era, these obols were a commonly recognized mark of the Entrati family. Some Archimedeans even used them as good luck talismans.

This experimental array transmutes Void energy into high voltages with low currents.

This Void-touched stone contains an ominous essence. Stela is specifically used in Coalescent Fusion – read the Archon Shard Expansion: Coalescent Fusion section to learn more!

Look out for a unique resource cache and destroy it to wrest the Stela from its grip. Stela can also be obtained by collecting Vosphene Glyphs in Mirror Defense on Munio, Deimos, completing Sanctum Anatomica Bounties, and defeating enemies in Albrecht’s Laboratories.

Completing the Whispers in the Walls Quest unveils five new nodes on Deimos to continue your excursions throughout Albrecht’s Laboratories. One of these new nodes feature a brand new mission type called Alchemy and four feature existing mission types (Assassination, Mirror Defense, Survival, and Exterminate) with an Entrati twist. All of these nodes are also available on The Steel Path!

There is also a special weekly mission type called Netracell that is exclusively accessed in the Sanctum Anatomica hub on Deimos. Read on to learn more!



The Netracells are secured by hazardous Keyglyphs found only in the Anchorhold. They contain highly sought after valuables and can only be opened by using the correct Keyglyph. The Keyglyphs were designed by Albrecht Entrati to open his secretive Netracells. Each one imposes a heavy burden on its carrier. An added security measure to give the lab’s defenses an advantage, should a Keyglyph fall into unknown hands.


*Image above shows the Anchorhold. 

Note On Difficulty: 
This game mode is intended to be very challenging, and specifically tuned for full squads. Be sure to prepare accordingly! The following restrictions apply to all Netracell missions:

  • Empowered Enemies: Enemy Health and Shields increased by 100% and an additional 50% for each squad member, stacking to a maximum of 300%. There is also an increased chance of Eximus.
  • Respawns: No self revive, Last Gasp penalty (activating Lasp Gasp reduces the timer by 2 seconds), and the bleedout timer shortens after each revive (to a minimum of 5 seconds).
  • Consumables: Summons are disabled for the entire duration of the mission and each type of Restore (all sizes) has a 3 minute cooldown timer applied.

How To Access:
A specific member of the Cavia Syndicate in the Sanctum Anatomica knows how to enter the Anchorhold. Visit them and select the “Enter the Anchorhold” option to begin the hunt for a Netracell.

A maximum of 5 Netracells can be found and unlocked per week for rewards (resets every Sunday at 0:00 UTC). You can still play the mission after you have completed the weekly allowance, you just won’t receive any rewards for doing so until the next weekly reset.

How To Play: 
Upon entering the Anchorhold you and your squad will be required to select and carry the four randomized Keyglyphs presented. Each impose their own debilitating burden onto their bearer.


There is no limit to how many Keyglyphs one person can shoulder – coordinate with your squad who will carry which type (and how many) before beginning the search.

Exit the Anchorhold by hacking the terminal located at the bottom of the stairs and begin your search for the Netracell. Terminals are located and marked on the map to help narrow down the search radius, should you require aid. Upon finding the Netracell, the security level needs to be reduced by eliminating the enemy threat before gaining access to open it up. After successfully doing so, the player with the required Keyglyph will need to interact with the console to unlock its doors.

Collect your hard earned rewards in the Netracell and make your way to Extraction.

Notable rewards for opening a Netracell include:

  • Melee Arcanes (more information in the New Melee Arcanes section)
  • Melee Arcane Adapter (more information in the Melee Upgrade Segment section)
  • Archon Shards (base and Tauforged)
    • Note: Only Crimson, Azure, and Amber Shards are rewarded from Netracells. The new Archon Shard types (Violet, Topaz, and Emerald) created via Coalescent Fusion can only be obtained via the Fusion process at Helminth (learn more in the Archon Shard Expansion: Coalescent Fusion section)
  • Guaranteed: Entrati Lanthorn

Visit the official drop tables for specifics.


Alchemic devices in Albrecht’s Laboratories known as Crucibles allow elemental powers to be wielded and fused into complex forces. The Cavia are is requesting your assistance to ensure they remain operative for a greater goal.


How To Access: 
Select the Cambire node (normal and Steel Path) on Deimos from the Star Chart or from the Laboratory Navigation in the Sanctum Anatomica.

How To Play:
Crucibles within the Laboratories are capable of mixing complex elements, provided you can supply the elemental forces required. Killed enemies drop Amphors full of Heat, Cold, Toxin, or Electricity. Throw Amphors into the Crucibles to mix the requested complex element to 100%. They can also be lobbed at enemies as concentrated elemental grenades!

Once you have filled it with the required elements, the Crucible will begin its mixing process and a random Crucible Overflow buff will be applied to the squad for the duration of the mix. Ensure the stability of this high powered mixing process by breaking distressed pipes to drop the pressure if it gets too high.

Notable rewards for successfully completing a Crucible include:

  • New Tennokai Mods (more information in the New Heavy Attack System: Tennokai section)
  • Mandonel Components

Visit the official drop tables for specifics.



Ready to go toe-to-toe with something that almost certainly has way more toes than you do? Seek out and destroy The Fragmented, a nightmarish assembly of Murmur fragments.


How To Access: 
Select the Effervo node (default and Steel Path) on Deimos from the Star Chart or from the Laboratory Navigation in the Sanctum Anatomica.

How To Play:
Seek out an Atropos Probe and inject its serum into a Vitreum to begin scanning. Defend the Vitreum while it scans for Murmur’s Eyes. Prevent the scan from being interrupted by keeping the search radius around the Vitreum clear of enemies. Once Murmur’s Eyes have been exposed, they will become visible to you for a limited amount of time. Collect them quickly before they fade from view.

Atropos Probes power the Vitreums for a limited amount of time, so once it has been depleted, new Probes and Vitreums must be found to continue the process. Collecting the required amount of Murmur’s Eyes will pinpoint The Fragmented’s location. Upon arrival, you will face off against one of the three variants (Suzerain, Zelator, or Anchorite). Dispatching it will reward you!

Notable rewards for successfully defeating The Fragmented include:

  • New Mods (more information in the New Mods section below):
    • Ready Steel
    • Shivering Contagion
    • Precision Intensify
    • Energy Nexus
  • New Melee Arcanes (more information in the New Melee Arcanes section below):
    • Melee Fortification
    • Melee Retaliation
    • Melee Exposure
    • Melee Animosity
    • Melee Influence
    • Melee Vortex
  • Guaranteed: Stela

Visit the official drop tables for specifics.



The Murmur is staging an attack against Albrecht’s Laboratories! They have pinpointed the Laboratories best defenses against them and it is up to you to protect against the onslaught.

How To Access: 
Select the Munio node (default and Steel Path) on Deimos from the Star Chart or from the Laboratory Navigation in the Sanctum Anatomica.

How To Play:
Protect the Vitreum and the Auricle as the enemies alternate their attacks between the two. A rotation is complete once both have been defended.

Vosphene Glyphs are the key to triggering the Laboratories’ automated security system. Gathering the required amount will bolster the active defense target by surrounding it with offensive turrets. Doing so will also reward 3x Stela (5x on Steel Path).

Notable rewards for completing a round of Mirror Defense include:

  • New Tome Mods (more on information on these in the New Secondary Weapon Type: Tome section)
  • Mandonel Components

Visit the official drop tables for specifics.


The Murmur is not backing down, so it’s time to whittle down their numbers.

How To Access: 
Select the Persto node (default and Steel Path) on Deimos from the Star Chart or from the Laboratory Navigation in the Sanctum Anatomica.

How To Play:
Your classic Survival mission! Head into Albrecht’s Laboratories and see how long you can hold out against the Murmur and the Rogue Necramechs waiting within.

Notable rewards for completing a round of Survival include:

  • Mandonel Components

Visit the official drop tables for specifics.



A section of Albrecht’s Laboratories needs to be cleared out.

How To Access: 
Select the Nex node (default and Steel Path) on Deimos from the Star Chart or from the Laboratory Navigation in the Sanctum Anatomica.

How To Play: 
Your classic Exterminate mission! Eliminate all of The Murmur and Entrati enemies to reduce the danger in this area.

Upon completion of the Whispers in the Walls Quest, you have access to Cavia, a new Syndicate located in the Sanctum Anatomica on Deimos.


Build rapport with Cavia members and work your way up from the Assistant Rank.

To avoid spoilers from The Whispers in the Walls Quest, the names of each member has been redacted in the sections below.

Wares & Shiny Treasures Vendor
A peculiar Vendor is nested atop one of the platforms in the Sanctum Anatomica, and offers the following items that can be acquired using Standing:

  • Qorvex Blueprint and Component Blueprints
  • Ekhein Blueprint
  • Grimoire Blueprint
  • Helminth Coalescent Segment Blueprint
  • Melee Arcane Adapter (more information in the Melee Arcanes section)
  • Melee Arcanes (more information in the Melee Arcanes section)
    • Melee Influence
    • Melee Retaliation
    • Melee Exposure
    • Melee Animosity
    • Melee Fortification
    • Melee Vortex
  • 5x Cavia Syndicate Sigils
  • 5x Albrecht’s Laboratories Captura Scenes
    • Albrecht’s Archive Scene
    • Albrecht’s Bureau Scene
    • Fragmented Gorge Scene
    • Fabrica Anatomica Scene
    • Sanctum Anatomica Scene
  • Necramech Mods – All of the Necramech Mods are now available between Necraloid and this new Vendor!
    • Necramech Redirection
    • Necramech Steel Fiber
    • Necramech Thrusters
    • Necramech Continuity
    • Necramech Slipstream
    • Necramech Reach
    • Necramech Blitz
    • Necramech Seismic Wave
    • Necramech Streamline
    • Necramech Stretch
    • Necramech Fury
    • Necramech Hydraulics
    • Necramech Augur
    • Neramech Enemy Sense
    • Necramech Rage
    • Necramech Repair
    • Necramech Aviator
    • Necramech Deflection

This Vendor also enjoys all things that sparkle and shine and has Shiny Treasures available to trade for resources. Decorate your Orbiter with Entrati splendor – we promise these versions are significantly less breakable than the ones found in-mission.

Arcane Dissolution & Voca Vendor
Located next to terminals in the Sanctum Anatomica, a key member of the Cavia stands as your access point to Arcane Dissolution (read the dedicated Arcane Dissolution section to learn more), exchanging Voca for Cavia Standing and resources for Voca.

Bounty Giver
Contained and sodden, this grandiloquent Cavia member hands out Bounty assignments and is your contact to increase your Cavia Rank.

Netracell Guide
Only this Cavia member knows how to enter the Anchorhold to find the Netracells located throughout Albretch’s Laboratories. Learn more about the new Netracell mission type in the Deimos Expansion: New Nodes and Mission Types section above.

All of the new Deimos nodes and mission types are available as Bounties! Accessible from the Bounty giver in the Sanctum Anatomica hub on Deimos, these Bounties offer a variety of enemy levels to really test your expertise in navigating and conquering the Laboratories.

In addition to playing the standard mission, you must also complete a special objective (for example: Eliminate 2 Rogue Voidrigs) in order to extract and complete the Bounty.

Successfully completing a Bounty will reward you with Standing towards the new Cavia Syndicate, as well as several other potential rewards:

  • Qorvex Blueprints (New Warframe)
  • Mandonel Blueprint (New Archgun)
  • Voca (All variants: Shrill, Bellow, and Echo)
  • New Resources
    • Necracoil
    • Stela
    • Entrati Obols
  • Credits, Endo, Focus Lenses, Aya, and Ayatan Amber Stars.



Albrecht Entrati designed Qorvex to protect a Chosen Operator from the unique hazards of his lab. A Crucible Core gives Qorvex high survivability as he provides crowd control.

How to Acquire Qorvex: 
Qorvex’s Blueprint and Component Blueprints are rewarded from Cavia Bounties. They can also be acquired from the Wares & Shiny Treasures Vendor in the Sanctum Anatomica for Standing. The Qorvex Collection can also be purchased from the in-game Market for Platinum.

Passive: Core Exposure
Weapons wielded by Qorvex have an additional +3 Punch Through.

Chyrinka Pillar*
Summon a Chyrinka Pillar that slows enemies. It pulses Radiation Damage with a guaranteed Status Effect.

*This is Qorvex’s Helminth and Railjack ability.

Containment Wall
Contain the threat. Qorvex summons walls that slam together, damaging all enemies caught between them and inflicting Radiation Status.

Disometric Guard
Guard yourself and nearby allies against Status Effects. Each time Qorvex kills or assists in killing an enemy affected by Radiation Status, the number of Status Effects Disometric Guard can prevent increases.

Crucible Blast
Release a beam from Qorvex’s Crucible Core. Each enemy struck suffers Radiation Damage with a guaranteed Status Effect. Enemies that were already affected by Radiation Status explode in a chain reaction.

Maximum Loadout Slot Increase:
With the release of Qorvex and the Initiate Power Pack (due to the inclusion of fully built Warframes), the maximum number of purchasable Loadout Slots has been increased from 22 to 24.




Mandonel fires Radiation Damage projectiles. Partially charged shots release a spread and fully charged shots release a beam that dissolves into a radiation field. Projectiles that pass through the field are empowered.

Mandonel’s beams charge Qorvex’s Chyrinka Pillars. Fully charged shots dissolve into a radiation field. Projectiles that pass through the field gain 2x Damage, 2x Status Chance, +10% Critical Chance, +50% Critical Damage, +2 Bounce, +1m Punch Through, and increased Projectile Speed.

How to Acquire Mandonel: 
Its Blueprint is rewarded in the Cavia Bounties and its Components are found in the drop tables for the new Endless Mission Nodes on Deimos (Persto, Munio, and Cambire). It can also be purchased fully built via the in-game Market for Platinum (also comes pre-equipped with a Gravimag!).


Summon a guardian with the strength to face Albrecht’s Laboratories. This collection includes the Qorvex Warframe, Qorvex Raxpart Helmet, Portcull Syandana, and Mandonel Archgun (comes pre-equipped with a Gravimag).

Qorvex Raxpart Helmet
Resist the siege.

How to acquire Qorvex’ Raxpart Helmet: 
It is available for purchase in the in-game Market. As with all newly released Alt Helmets, its Blueprint will be added to the Nightwave Cred Store in the future.

Portcull Syandana
Qorvex’s signature Syandana looks like stone but remains as light as it is stylish.

Available for purchase in the in-game Market! All of the above items can also be purchased separately.



Wield the timeless power of this mighty hammer. Heavy Attacks performed with Ekhein temporarily increase its Damage and Attack Speed (Trait name: Heavy Insight).

How to Acquire Ekhein: 
Ekhein’s Blueprint is acquired from the Wares & Shiny Treasures Vendor in the Sanctum Anatomica.


The Grimoire is the first of this new weapon type!

Claim the power of Albrecht Entrati’s knowledge. Its alternate attack releases a voltaic orb with guaranteed Electricity Status.

How To Acquire The Grimoire:
Complete the Whispers In The Walls Quest. Its Blueprint can also be acquired from the Wares & Shiny Treasures Vendor in the Sanctum Anatomica.
Judge a book by its cover, Tenno. The following skins are available in the in-game Market for Tome weapons!


Vitreum Tome Skin
Set watchful eyes upon the battle.


Necratech Tome Skin
Give your tome a high-tech appearance.

Power the Grimoire with Tome Mods that enhance Warframe Abilities and reward strategic combat.

There are two types of Tome Mods: Canticle and Invocation. Only 1 of each type can be equipped onto Tome weapons. Canticle Tome Mods are eligible for the Exilus Slot.

The stats below are shown at Max Rank.


Ris Invocation
Alternate Fire increases Ability Duration by 4% for 20s for each enemy hit. Stacks up to 15 times.

Xata Invocation 
Alternate Fire grants 1 Energy Regen/s for 20s for each enemy hit. Stacks up to 10 times.

Vome Invocation 
Alternate Fire increases Ability Strength by 4% for 20s for each enemy hit. Stacks up to 15 times.

Netra Invocation 
Alternate Fire increases Ability Efficiency by 4% for 20s for each enemy hit. Stacks up to 15 times.

Fass Canticle
Killing enemies grants Allies in Affinity Range 40% Shield Recharge Rate and -28% Shield Recharge Delay for 15s.

Khra Canticle
Enemies have a 12% chance to drop a Universal Orb on death.

Jahu Canticle 
Killing enemies reduces the Armor and Shields of other enemies within Affinity Range by 5%.

Lohk Canticle 
Killing enemies grants Allies within Affinity Range +30% Fire Rate for 15s.

How to Acquire Tome Mods: 
Tome Mods are available to earn via Rotation C of the Mirror Defense node on Deimos (Munio).

The Essential Tome Mod Bundle, which contains all of the above Tome Mods, is also available for purchase in the in-game Market (after you have completed the Whispers in the Walls Quest).

A new source of power surges through your Arsenal with 12 brand new Mods! Acquire them by defeating the new enemies in Albrecht’s Laboratories.  Visit the official drop tables for specifics.

Stats below are shown at Max Rank!

Energy Nexus (Warframe)
Warframe receives +3 Energy Regen/s.

Precision Intensify (Warframe) 
+90% Ability Strength for your 4th Ability

Ready Steel (Aura) 
Squad begins the mission with +24 Initial Combo.

Shivering Contagion (Primary) 
Enemies affected by Cold Status have a 30% chance to spread that status to other enemies within 6m.

Radiated Reload (Rifle) 
+60% Radiation Damage
+40% Reload Speed

Atomic Fallout (Shotgun) 
+60% Radiation Damage
+60% Magazine Capacity

Accelerated Isotope (Pistol) 
+60% Radiation Damage
+40% Fire Rate

Focus Radon (Melee) 
+60% Radiation Damage
+40% Heavy Attack Efficiency

Containment Breach (Archgun) 
+60% Radiation Damage
+30% Multishot

Critical Meltdown (Archmelee) 
+60% Radiation Damage
+60% Critical Chance

Bane Of The Murmur (Rifle) 
x1.3 Damage to Murmur.

Cleanse The Murmur (Shotgun) 
x1.3 Damage to Murmur.

Expel The Murmur (Pistol) 
x1.3 Damage to Murmur.

Smite The Murmur (Melee) 
x1.3 Damage to Murmur.


Sevagoth Glaukus Skin 
Rail agents told of the legendary battle between Sevagoth Glaukus and Hydroid Rakkam. Agents looked on as the pair disappeared into the Void, locked in combat. Nobody knows how much of the old railer’s tale is true.

This skin features a custom Tombstone and Sevagoth’s Lullaby, a custom song that plays for Sevagoth’s Shadow. It also includes the Glaukus Halyard Auxiliary Attachment, the signature adornment of Sevagoth Glaukus.

Have a listen to Sevagoth’s Lullaby here:

Gillychap Shoulder Plate
Bosun Gillychap, the brave and beloved crewmate of Sevagoth Glaukus. Always ready to follow his captain into the heart of a Void Storm. Enjoy his company as he swims around this shoulder plate reef.

Cirriped Epitaph Skin
A weapon forged in the depths.

The Sevagoth Glaukus Collection can be purchased in the in-game Market and contains all of the above as well as the Sevagoth’s Lullaby Somachord track, a custom space shanty which can be played from your Orbiter’s Somarchord!



Archon Shard technology has been extensively researched in the Albrecht’s Laboratories and has led to the advancement in their capabilities! The process of Coalescent Fusion allows for two Archon Shards to be fused together to create a single Shard that offers a set of new embed bonuses.

Coalescent Fusion Requirements: 

  • Helminth Archon Shard Segment: The Blueprint is earned for completing the Veilbreaker Quest.
  • Archon Shards: More than one of various types (base or Tauforged).
  • New Helminth Coalescent Segment: The Blueprint is earned from the Wares & Shiny Treasures vendor in the Sanctum Anatomica.
  • Stela: New resource earned from Albrecht’s Laboratories.

How to unlock Coalescent Fusion: 
The Helminth Coalescent Segment Blueprint can be acquired from the Wares & Shiny Treasures vendor in the Sanctum Anatomica after reaching the Researcher tier with the Cavia Syndicate. Once you have built and claimed it from your Foundry, return to the Helminth Room in your Orbiter to install it.

How to use Coalescent Fusion: 

Step 1. After installing the Segment, interact with the Helminth chair and select the “Archon Shards” button.

Step 2. Select the new Coalescent Fusion icon located on the right of the Archon Shard embed UI.


Step 3. Hover over one of the two slots on screen to select the Archon Shard types you’d like to fuse together. Once both slots are filled, the Shard they will fuse to create will appear in the center. Hover over this Shard to preview the stats and bonuses it offers.

  • Base Archon Shards can only be fused with other base Shards. Likewise, Tauforged Shards can only be fused with Tauforged Shards to create a Tauforged variant.
  • To remove an Archon Shard, simply select it again.


Step 4. Select the “Fuse” button to complete the process.

  • Fusion Requirement: 50x Stela for each Fuse.

You’ve now successfully created a new Fused Archon Shard that can be embedded into your Warframes!

Archon Shard Fusion Types
There are 3 total combinations possible when fusing the different Archon Shards: Violet, Topaz, and Emerald. Each fused Shard has their own set of embed bonuses to choose from:

Violet Archon Shard (Crimson + Azure) 

  • Gain +10% (Tauforged: +15%) Ability Damage on enemies affected by Electricity Status.
  • Gain +30% (Tauforged: +45%) Primary Electricity Damage. Gain an additional +10% (Tauforged: +15%) per Crimson, Azure, or Violet Archon Shard equipped.
  • Gain +25% (Tauforged: +37%) Melee Critical Damage. When max Energy is over 500, the damage boost doubles.
  • Health pickups give +20% (Tauforged: +30%) Energy. Energy pickups give +20% (Tauforged: +30%) Health.

Topaz Archon Shard (Crimson + Amber) 

  • Recover 1 (Tauforged: 2) Health per enemy killed with Blast Damage. Max 300 (Tauforged: 450) Health.
  • Regenerate +5 (Tauforged: +7.5) Shields when you inflict an enemy with Blast Status.
  • Increase Secondary Critical Chance by 1% (Tauforged: 1.5%) every time you kill an enemy affected by Heat Damage. Max 50% (Tauforged: 75%).
  • Gain +10% (Tauforged: +15%) Ability Damage on enemies affected by Radiation Status.

Emerald Archon Shard (Amber + Azure) 

  • Toxin Status Effects deal +30% (Tauforged: +45%) more damage.
  • Recover +2 (Tauforged: +3) Health each time enemies are damaged by a Toxin Status Effect.
  • Gain +10% (Tauforged: +15%) Ability Damage on enemies affected by Corrosion Status.
  • Increase max stacks of Corrosion Status by +2 (Tauforged: +3).

For the fashion fans out there these new Archon Shards apply to the Shard Hex and Shard Bane Ephemeras!

General Archon Shard Changes: 

  • Each Archon Shard type now has its own icon associated with it to help identify them when making selections (primarily for our colorblind Tenno out there!).
  • Reduced Archon Shard removal cost from 50% to 30% Bile.
  • Updated the confirmation pop-up when removing an Archon Shard to specify the exact conditions of its removal:
    • Was: “Are you sure you want to remove the Embedded Archon Shard from this slot? Shard will be refunded and Helminth materials will be consumed.”
    • Now: “Are you sure you want to remove the Embedded Archon Shard from this slot?
      (Shard Name) will be refunded and 30% Bile will be consumed.”
  • Hovering over Archon Shards in the embed slots at Helminth will now show their embed bonuses!


The Albrecht Laboratory is equipped with devices that can dissolve Arcanes into Vosfor, a potent powder for alchemical processes. It is used to trade for Arcane packs from a vendor in the Sanctum Anatomica!

The goal of Arcane Dissolution is to provide an alternative way for players to access and acquire the wide range of Arcanes found throughout Warframe.



Step 1: Speak with a vendor in the Sanctum Anatomica and select the “Arcane Dissolution” option to get started.

Step 2: Select the “Dissolve Arcanes” button

Step 3: Select the Arcanes you’d like to dissolve.

  • The amount of Vosfor obtained per Arcane is determined by a variety of factors, including its rarity and rank.
  • Note: The list includes Arcanes that are currently equipped –  a warning message will pop-up to inform you if the selected Arcane is equipped.

Step 4: Once you have chosen the Arcanes you’d like to Dissolve, hit the “Dissolve” button.

Step 5: Return to the Arcane Dissolution menu to exchange the earned Vosfor for a variety of Arcane packs.

The following Arcane Packs can be acquired from a vendor in the Sanctum Anatomica for Vosfor. Each pack is themed based on where their containing Arcanes are acquired.

Purchasing a pack will randomly reward 3 unranked Arcanes from their list. The possibility of a certain Arcane being selected is based on its rarity and respective drop rates through gameplay means. We want to maintain the integrity of its original acquisition methods in this new alternate way to access them.

Expand the spoilers to view the full list of Arcanes per pack!

Ostron Arcane Collection

  Révéler le contenu masqué

Steel Arcane Collection (Arbitrations) 

  Révéler le contenu masqué

Necralisk Arcane Collection

  Révéler le contenu masqué

Eidolon Arcane Collection    

  Révéler le contenu masqué

Solaris Arcane Collection 

  Révéler le contenu masqué

Duviri Arcane Collection

  Révéler le contenu masqué

Holdfasts Arcane Collection

  Révéler le contenu masqué


With the launch of Auto Melee in Abyss of Dagath, we mentioned that we were working on a “Perfect Heavy Attack” system for Whispers in the Walls, and it is officially here!

Recall the ancient art of Tennokai with new Tennokai Mods for your Melee Weapons. Tennokai is a long-lost melee art form, allowing Tenno to make the most out of their Heavy Attacks. With Tennokai enabled on your Melee weapon, you will have a 15% chance for a symbol to appear while performing a melee attack. If you perform a Heavy Attack while the symbol is active on your reticle, it will trigger a Tennokai Heavy Attack, which has a faster wind-up speed and does not consume any combo counter.

With this new Tennokai system, there are a variety of Mods that allow you to further customize the frequency and effects of these Tennokai attacks.

You can enable Tennokai for your Melee Weapon by equipping any of the new Tennokai Mods onto it. Tennokai Mods can be equipped in your build as normal, or in the new Melee Exilus Slot that is unlocked via the Melee Upgrade Segment acquired upon completion of the Whispers in the Walls Quest.

These Mods can be earned from Rotation C of the new Alchemy game mode (Cambire, Deimos) or purchased via the Market in the Essential Tennokai Mod Bundle*. 

*The Market purchase option is not available to players until they have installed the Melee Upgrade Segment (rewarded from completing the Whispers in the Walls Quest).

Stats below are shown at Max Rank.

Discipline’s Merit
Enables Tennokai. Opportunities occur every 4 melee hits instead of at random.

Dreamer’s Wrath 
Enables Tennokai. Increases opportunity chance by 50% and Heavy Attack critical damage by 32%.

Master’s Edge
Enables Tennokai. Increases Tennokai damage by 60%.

Condition’s Perfection
Enables Tennokai. Increases status chance by +100% on Tennokai Attacks.

Opportunity’s Reach
Enables Tennokai. Increases opportunity window to 4.0s and melee range by 3m for Tennokai attacks.

Tenno will also receive a basic Tennokai Mod in their Inbox upon completion of The Whispers in the Walls Quest:

Mentor’s Legacy*
Enables Tennokai.
*This mod is not tradeable as it is a Quest reward!

Upon completion of the Whispers in the Walls Quest, players will receive a new Melee Upgrade Segment via their in-game Inbox. Installing it will further expand your Melee Arsenal with two new upgrade options:

Melee Exilus Slots
Fuse an Exilus Weapon Adapter into your Melee weapon to unlock the new Melee Exilus Slot. Players will be able to equip the new Tennokai Mods into this slot, as well as the following newly Exilus-compatible Mods:

  • Parry
  • Dispatch Overdrive
  • Focused Defense
  • Guardian Derision
  • Electromagnetic Shielding
  • Whirlwind

Melee Arcane Slot
In these new Arcane Slots, players will be able to equip new Melee Arcanes, which have also been released with this update. Players can earn Melee Arcane Adapters via the Wares & Shiny Treasures Vendor in the Cavia Syndicate, Netracells, or by purchasing them in the Market for Platinum*.

*The Market purchase option is not available to players until the completion of the Whispers in the Walls Quest.

Melee Arcanes and Zaw Arcanes
Like Kitguns, Zaws will offer both a slot for Zaw Arcanes and Melee Arcanes (once Melee Arcanes are unlocked). Zaw Arcanes cannot be used in Melee Arcane Slots, and vice versa.


With the new Melee Upgrade Segment, players are now able to install Arcanes into their Melee Weapons. With this Arsenal Expansion, we have added a variety of new Arcanes at the Wares & Shiny Treasures Vendor in the Cavia Syndicate. These Arcanes can also be earned from taking down The Fragmented (Effervo, Deimos), defeating the void-born creature contained in Albrecht’s Grimoire, or by completing Netracell missions. The two Legendary Tier Arcanes (Melee Influence and Melee Crescendo) are exclusive to Netracells.

The stats below are shown at Max Rank.

Melee Animosity
On Melee Hit: Gain 42% Critical Chance on your next Heavy Attack, up to 420%.

Melee Duplicate (Legendary)
On Base Critical Hits: 100% chance for your attack to strike a second time.
*Base Critical Hits (yellow by default) are all critical hits that are not “big” (orange by default) or “super” (red by default).

Melee Retaliation
Gain 30% Melee Damage for every 200 current Shields, up to 420%. Bonus halved for Overshields.

Melee Exposure
On Ability Cast: Gain 60% Corrosive Damage on Melee strikes for 25s. Stacks up to 240%.

Melee Influence 
On Melee Electricity Status: 20% Chance for elemental Melee Status Effects to apply to enemies within 20m for 18s. Cannot refresh while active.

Melee Fortification
On Melee kill: +210 Armor for 10s.

Melee Crescendo (Legendary)
On Finisher Kill: Gain 6 Initial Combo for the rest of your mission.

Melee Vortex
Kill an enemy affected by Magnetic Status for a 45% chance to pull in enemies within 18m radius.

We’ve tackled New Player Path improvements from a variety of angles, and we’ll go over these adjustments point-by-point:

  • Main Quest Path Restructuring
  • Junction Task Changes
  • Rising Tide Quest Improvements
  • Mastery Rank Requirements for Progression

The story that has guided players throughout their journey in Warframe has evolved throughout the years — to put it lightly. Quests lead players to meet the fantastic cast of characters spread throughout the Origin System, but also introduce them to various mechanics that enhance and deepen their gameplay experience. With that said, we have restructured our Quest Path to ensure that players meet the vital NPCs and are set up for success to take on The New War.

Quests removed from the Main Quest Path

  • Stolen Dreams
  • The New Strange

With these Quests no longer considered Main Quests, applicable Junctions have had their tasks updated to no longer require these Quests — see the Junction Requirement Changes section for more details.

Quests added to the Main Quest Path

  • Heart of Deimos
  • Rising Tide

Saya’s Vigil was added as a Main Quest with Abyss of Dagath in October 2023, and we intend to give Vox Solaris the same treatment in 2024. Before we do so, we will be revisiting this Quest’s difficulty level to ensure it is new player friendly.

Here is the updated Main Quest Path as of December 2023:

  1. Awakening
  2. Vor’s Prize
  3. Saya’s Vigil
  4. Once Awake
  5. Heart of Deimos
  6. The Archwing
  7. Natah
  8. The Second Dream
  9. Rising Tide
  10. The War Within
  11. Chains of Harrow
  12. Apostasy Prologue
  13. The Sacrifice
  14. Prelude to War
  15. The New War
  16. Whispers in the Walls

With these changes, we have updated our in-game Tenno Guide to prioritize Main Quests when directing players what to do next. Our goal is to reduce player confusion and simplify their progression path — by de-prioritizing Side Quests, players are less likely to embark on Quests that may be too difficult for their current progression or otherwise serve as a distraction.

Tenno who are interested in completing Side Quests will still have access to those unlocked in their Codex! Once players have completed all Main Quests (at time of writing, up to Whispers in the Walls), the Tenno Guide will recommend any incomplete Side Quests.

Junctions are a great way for players to learn about new systems in Warframe and offer a guided path throughout the Origin System — but they can also be a frustration point if the tasks are too hard or unclear. With that in mind, we have made the following adjustments to our Junctions:

Venus Junction:
Added Orokin Reactor to Junction Rewards

  • While players have access to Orokin Reactors via Nightwave, we want to introduce a guaranteed way for new players to receive this upgrade as they continue to improve their Arsenal.

Mercury Junction:
Removed “Defeat 5 Eximus Enemies” task.

Mars Junction:
Removed Tasks:

  • Defeat 150 Frontier enemies on Earth.
  • Complete Suisei on Mercury
    • In the early days of Warframe, the Junction Path encouraged players to clear all of a planet’s nodes before advancing to the next planet. Tasks that ask players to hunt a specific enemy type or clear a node that’s distant from the main Junction path reflect that goal. We now want to encourage players to stay on the main path to advance through the main quests and then clear nodes when they are interested in Steel Path.

Adjusted number of Rubedo needed for “Collect 250 Rubedo in missions” task.

  • Task originally required 500 Rubedo.
  • Rubedo has a low spawn-rate on Earth. This Junction task was designed to make players clear all of Earth before moving on to Mars. They can move on more quickly now while still having a light intro to Resources.

Phobos Junction:
Removed Tasks:

  • Defeat 150 enemies in a single mission on Mars
    • There are already so many strength tests on Mars from Relic missions to the Heart of Deimos quest. We no longer felt this strength test was necessary.
  • Scan 1 Cephalon Fragment on Mars
    • This Junction Task was meant to be an introduction to Codex Scanners, but the Saya’s Vigil quest now provides a formal introduction to Scanners, so we no longer felt this task was necessary.

Moved “Refine a Void Relic once at the console in your Orbiter” task to Phobos Junction.

  • This task originally was in the Ceres Junction, but we have moved it to Phobos Junction to keep all Relic tasks in one place.

Added Orokin Catalyst to Junction Rewards.

  • Similarly to the Reactor, this gives new players a guaranteed path to this important upgrade in their Arsenal.

Ceres Junction:
Removed Tasks:

  • Defeat Lt Lech Kril at War on Mars
    • In the early days of Warframe, bosses like Lt Lech Kril were a staple of the Warframe experience, and we worried new players would be out of the loop if they didn’t experience them on their way to The Second Dream. Today, however, there is a lot of new content players are eager to experience, so we no longer feel new players will be left out if they choose not to fight Lt Lech Kril at this stage.
  • Defeat 300 Arid Grineer enemies on Mars
    • As mentioned above, this task encourages players to clear all of a planet’s nodes before advancing to the next planet, which is no longer the goal of the Junction Path.
  • Refine a Void Relic once at the console in your Orbiter. (Moved to Phobos Junction)

Added “Complete Quest: Heart of Deimos” task.

  • This allows players to build a relationship with the Entrati, and gets them on the path to building their Necramech for The New War Quest.

Europa Junction:

  • Removed “Complete Quest: Stolen Dreams” task.
    • Stolen Dreams is now a side Quest and therefore isn’t vital for the new player path!

Saturn Junction:

  • Removed “Complete Quest: The New Strange” task.
    • The New Strange is now a side Quest and therefore isn’t vital for the new player path!

Uranus Junction:

  • Removed “Craft a weapon requiring Mastery Rank 1 or higher” task.
    • Our primary goal with these changes is to decouple Mastery Rank from the Main Quest experience. That way new players can advance all the way to Whispers in the Walls without worrying about the 24-hour Mastery Rank Timer. To that end, all Junction Tasks that relate to Mastery Rank have been removed.

Neptune Junction:

  • Removed “Open a Cache during any Sabotage mission on Uranus” task.
    • Searching for Caches in Sabotage missions is taught via Nightwave now, so we are removing this to reduce overall grind.

Adjusted “Complete a mission on Uranus with only your Melee weapon equipped” task.

  • This task originally required a player to do so 5 times, now they must only do it once!

Pluto Junction:
Removed tasks:

  • Defeat the Hyena Pack at Psamathe on Neptune
    • As with Lt Lech Kril mentioned above, we no longer feel new players will be left out if they choose not to fight the Hyena Pack at this stage.
  • Complete a Corpus Spy mission with 3 successful data extractions on Neptune
    • We no longer feel a player must master Spy Missions at this stage in order to advance along the Main Quest Path. Players may instead choose to sharpen their Spy Mission skills when they pursue Nightwave, the Steel Path, or Ivara Blueprints!

Sedna Junction:
Removed tasks:

  • Defeat Vay Hek at Oro on Earth
    • As with Lt Lech Kril and the Hyena Pack mentioned above, we no longer feel new players will be left out if they choose not to fight Vay Hek at this stage.
  • Collect 1 Exilus Mod from any Orokin Principle challenge room on Lua
  • The “Ascendant” Nightwave Act teaches players about these puzzles on Lua, so we chose to remove it from the Junction path.
    • Craft a weapon requiring Mastery Rank 5 or higher
    • Our primary goal with these changes is to decouple Mastery Rank from the Main Quest experience. That way new players can advance all the way to Whispers in the Walls without worrying about the 24-hour Mastery Rank Timer. To that end, all Junction Tasks that relate to Mastery Rank have been removed.

Adjusted “Defeat 2 Sentient enemies on Lua” task.

  • Originally required players to defeat 5 Sentients. Only 2 spawn per Lua mission, so this reduces the grind needed to complete this task.

Add “Complete Quest: Rising Tide” task.

  • The other removed tasks allow players more time to focus on this new Quest requirement, which arms them with a Railjack for The New War.


While Rising Tide has seen improvements over the years with the goal of reducing the overall grind, we have still heard complaints from the community about its overall difficulty for less experienced players. Since this Quest is now a required part of the Main Quest Path, we have made some adjustments to ensure it matches the expected player progression between The Second Dream and The War Within.

Starting the Quest
Players will no longer need to purchase the Railjack Cephalon Blueprint from the Market to trigger this Quest. Now, once The Second Dream is complete, players will be able to start Rising Tide in their Codex. Upon doing so, the Railjack Cephalon Blueprint will be delivered to them directly via an Inbox Message.

Quest Mission Changes:
These changes apply to all Rising Tide recovery missions with the goal of reducing overall difficulty for players.

  • Removed solo-only requirement for these missions to allow players to squad up with a friend or matchmake with fellow Tenno.
  • Reduced the spawn rate of enemies by half, and added a random stagger to spawn frequency so that players were not dealing with large waves of enemies at once.
  • Slightly reduced the scanning beacon objective radius to make defending it easier.
  • Enemies within the radius of the scanning beacon will now be marked with a red waypoint to help players identify who to target.
  • Reduced the frequency of Cephalon Cy’s voice lines when the scanner perimeter is breached.


Right now, Mastery Rank timers make it impossible for new players to advance to the War Within until 120 real world hours have passed due to their time gating. Our goal is for new players to be able to catch up with their Tenno friends over the course of a weekend. To that end, we have removed Mastery Rank from the Main Quest Path, which includes Junctions.

Mastery Rank requirements remain for Side Quests like The Deadlock Protocol, more advanced gameplay systems like Rivens, and features like trading.

Astute Tenno will also have noticed that The War Within quest implicitly locked late-game content behind Mastery Rank 5, because you needed to be Mastery Rank 5 to complete Sedna Junction and unlock The War Within quest. We still want to prevent new players from diving into late-game content too quickly, so in lieu of The War Within Mastery Rank prerequisite, we have deliberately added a Mastery Rank 5 prerequisite to certain experiences:

  • Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos now require players to have completed The War Within and be Mastery Rank 5.
  • Kuva Siphon Missions now require players to have completed The War Within and be Mastery Rank 5.
  • Sorties now require players to have completed The War Within and be Mastery Rank 5.

We also removed the Mastery Rank 2 requirement for Natah.

  • We already removed the scanning requirement to start this Quest, but now we are reducing further friction by removing the Mastery Rank requirement outright.

Added Mastery Rank 3 requirement for Waverider.

  • This is so as not to distract new players from their Main Quest Path, as this Quest originally became available to them upon completing Vox Solaris.

Misc. Quest Changes:

  • Baro’s arrival inbox message will no longer appear while playing the Vor’s Prize Quest.
  • Reduced build time for the Personal Quarters segment from 12 hours to 1 hour.
    • This Segment is required to access the Apostasy Quest, so reducing the wait time aligns with our goal of reducing overall friction to complete the Main Story Quests.
  • Added a new pop-up message directing players to equip Kinetic Siphon Traps when attempting to start “Capture Manifestations” missions in the Chains of Harrow Quest.
    • “You must equip Kinetic Siphon Traps in your Gear Wheel to play this mission. To purchase them, visit Cephalon Simaris in any Relay and explore his Offerings at the console behind him to his right”.
    • Ordis originally offered gentle guidance for the players to acquire them, but we felt more specific instruction was helpful here for those attempting to venture forward unprepared.


With the various buffs and adjustments we’ve made to Warframe weapons over the years, a common question we see in response is “but what about Archguns?”. These Heavy Weapons are meant to be heavy-hitters, but arguably have been overshadowed by the Primary and Secondary guns in your Arsenal. To address this feedback, we have made the following changes:

Upon using an Archgun Deployer, players will now gain 2000 Overguard.

  • Effect has a 60s cooldown.
  • The Overguard gain is capped at 2000, so re-deploying your Archgun after the cooldown resets will refresh your Overguard up to the 2000 cap.

Overall, most Heavy Weapons (a.k.a. Archguns when used via the Archgun Deployer) have had their damage doubled. Some of the Archguns have also received buffs to their Archwing version, which we will indicate below.

Archgun Damage Resistance

Before we get into the stats, we have added a 50% Archgun Damage Resistance to the Profit Taker. Since these weapons have had their damage buffed, this resistance keeps these fights to the same difficulty as before.

  • Exceptions: The Kuva Grattler, Grattler, Mausolon and Kuva Ayanga have unique Damage Resistance values when used against the Profit Taker. These are adjusted to keep their damage output the same against these foes — as these weapons did not have their damage doubled, the amount of damage resistance is balanced to account for their buffs.
  • Corvas Prime’s damage stats were untouched so we did not implement Damage Resistance for this weapon.
  • The Orowyrm also received a 50% Damage Reduction against the Imperator to balance against its buffs.

Heavy Weapon Stat Changes
these apply only to Archgun Deployer versions of these weapons unless otherwise specified.


  • Held: Increased from 90 to 180 Heat Damage
  • Damage / Projectile: Increased from 10 to 20 Impact Damage
  • Radial Attack: Total Damage increased from 3000 to 6000
    • Blast Damage increased from 1000 to 2000 (per projectile, of which there are 3)


  • Total Damage increased from 120 to 240
    • Impact Damage increased from 39.6 to 80
    • Puncture Damage increased from 39.6 to 80
    • Slash Damage increased from 39.6 to 80
    • Punch Through increased from 0.0m to 1.5m
  • Increased Projectile Size

These changes apply to both the Heavy Weapon and Archwing Variants, unless otherwise specified.

  • Total Damage increased from 110 to 190 (Heavy Weapon only)
    • Impact Damage increased from 49.5 to 85.5 (Heavy Weapon only)
    • Puncture Damage increased from 30.2 to 52.2 (Heavy Weapon only)
    • Slash Damage increased from 30.2 to 52.2 (Heavy Weapon only)
  • Punch Through increased from 0.0m to 1.2m
  • Fire Rate increased from 8.33 to 10.42
  • Magazine increased from 32 to 64
  • Ammo Maximum increased from 400 to 512 (Heavy Weapon only)
  • Increased Bullet Hit Radius (Heavy Weapon only)
  • Recoil reduced by about half

These changes apply to both the Heavy Weapon and Archwing Variants, unless otherwise specified.

  • Total Damage increased from 110 to 220 (Heavy Weapon only)
    • Impact Damage increased from 49.5 to 99 (Heavy Weapon only)
    • Puncture Damage increased from 30.2 to 60.5 (Heavy Weapon only)
    • Slash Damage increased from 30.2 to 60.5 (Heavy Weapon only)
  • Punch Through increased from 0.0m to 1.2m
  • Fire Rate increased from 10 to 12.5
  • Magazine increased from 32 to 64
  • Ammo Maximum increased from 400 to 512 (Heavy Weapon only)
  • Increased Bullet Hit Radius (Heavy Weapon only)
  • Recoil reduced by about half


  • Quick Shot: Total Damage increased from 440 to 880
    • Impact Damage increased from 32 to 64
    • Puncture Damage increased from 4 to 8
    • Slash Damage increased from 4 to 8
  • Charged Shot: Total Damage increased from 880 to 1760
    • Impact Damage increased from 64 to 128
    • Puncture Damage increased from 8 to 16
    • Slash Damage increased from 8 to 16
  • Punch Through increased from 0.0m to 2.4m


  • Punch Through increased from 0.0m to 1.4m


  • Total Damage increased from 250 to 500
    • Impact Damage increased from 50 to 100
    • Puncture Damage increased from 25 to 50
    • Slash Damage increased from 175 to 350


  • Primary: Total Damage increased from 150 to 225
    • Impact Damage increased from 15 to 22.5
    • Puncture Damage increased from 120 to 180
    • Slash Damage increased from 15 to 22.5
  • Radial Attack: Blast Damage increased from 205 to 310


  • Primary: Total Damage increased from 94 to 140
    • Impact Damage increased from 9.4 to 14
    • Puncture Damage increased from 75.2 to 112
    • Slash Damage increased from 9.4 to 14
  • Radial Attack: Blast Damage increased from 155 to 235


  • Total Damage increased from 50 to 100
    • Impact Damage increased from 20 to 40
    • Puncture Damage increased from 17.5 to 35
    • Slash Damage increased from 12.5 to 25
  • Punch Through increased from 0.0m to 1.2m
  • Increased Bullet Hit Radius


  • Total Damage increased from 50 to 100
    • Impact Damage increased from 20 to 40
    • Puncture Damage increased from 17.5 to 35
    • Slash Damage increased from 12.5 to 25
  • Punch Through increased from 0.0m to 1.2m
  • Increased Bullet Hit Radius


  • Primary: Impact Damage increased from 87 to 130
  • Radial Attack: Blast Damage increased from 187 to 280


  • Held: Total Damage increased from 90 to 180
    • Impact Damage increased from 10 to 20
    • Radiation Damage increased from 80 to 160
  • Charge: Total Damage increased from 420 to 840
    • Impact Damage increased from 140 to 280
    • Blast Damage increased from 180 to 360
    • Radiation Damage increased from 100 to 200
  • Charge – Radial Attack: Total Damage increased from 800 to 1600
    • Blast Damage increased from 400 to 800
    • Radiation Damage increased from 400 to 800


  • Held: Total Damage increased from 90 to 180
    • Impact Damage increased from 10 to 20
    • Radiation Damage increased from 80 to 160
  • Charge: Total Damage increased from 420 to 840
    • Impact Damage increased from 140 to 280
    • Blast Damage increased from 180 to 360
    • Radiation Damage increased from 100 to 200
  • Charge – Radial Attack: Total Damage increased from 800 to 1600
    • Blast Damage increased from 400 to 800
    • Radiation Damage increased from 400 to 800


  • Auto: Total Damage increased from 120 to 180
    • Impact Damage increased from 24 to 35
    • Puncture Damage increased from 48 to 70
    • Heat Damage increased from 46 to 75
  • Auto – Radial Attack: Heat Damage increased from 48 to 72
  • Charge: Total Damage increased from 1000 to 1500
    • Impact Damage increased from 100 to 150
    • Puncture Damage increased from 400 to 600
    • Heat Damage increased from 500 to 750
  • Charge – Radial Attack: Heat Damage increased from 3000 to 4500


  • Auto Burst:
    • Impact Damage increased from 32 to 64
  • Auto Burst – Radial Attack: Blast Damage increased from 164 to 328
    • Increased distance at which the explosion occurs to help prevent it from exploding in your face
  • Semi: Impact Damage increased from 100 to 200
  • Semi – Radial Attack: Total Damage increased from 3600 to 7200
    • Impact Damage increased from 600 to 1200
    • Puncture Damage increased from 800 to 1600
    • Slash Damage increased from 1000 to 2000
    • Blast Damage increased from 1200 to 2400


  • Total Damage increased from 56 to 116
    • Impact Damage increased from 14 to 29
    • Puncture Damage increased from 36.4 to 75.4
    • Slash Damage increased from 5.6 to 11.6
  • Punch Through increased from 0.0m to 1.2m
  • Increased Projectile Size


  • Quick Shot: Total Damage increased from 600 to 1200
    • Impact Damage increased from 150 to 300
    • Puncture Damage increased from 150 to 300
    • Slash Damage increased from 150 to 300
    • Magnetic Damage increased from 150 to 300
  • Charged Shot: Total Damage increased from 1600 to 3200
    • Impact Damage increased from 400 to 800
    • Puncture Damage increased from 400 to 800
    • Slash Damage increased from 400 to 800
    • Magnetic Damage increased from 400 to 800
    • Increased Projectile Size
  • Punch Through increased from 0.0m to 5m


A gilded collection worthy of the Entrati family. Includes:

  • Ekhein Hammer
  • Kalymos Kavat Gene-Masking Kit
    • Kalymos Fur Pattern
    • Vitreum Brown Fur Color
    • Auricle Green Fur Color
    • Sanctum Red Fur Color
    • Alchemy Black Fur Color
  • Envine Signa
  • Necramite Drone
  • Albrecht 1999 Display
  • Albrecht Jahu Display
  • Grimoire Altar Decoration
  • Vasca Kavat & Precept Mods
    • Draining Bite Precept Mod
    • Transfusion Precept Mod
  • Albrecht’s Treasures Glyph*
  • Sanctum Color Picker*
  • Too Late Emote*
  • 350 Platinum

This pack may only be purchased once per account. Items marked with an asterisk are pack exclusive, while the rest can be purchased in the in-game Market for Platinum!

Give your space an air of scholarly sophistication. Includes:

  • Necramite Drone
  • Albrecht 1999 Display
  • Grimoire Altar Decoration


A bundle featuring themed glyphs from Community Artists SirEnarion & death_ma666ots.

  • Albrecht Hat Community Glyph
  • Man In The Wall Community Glyph

These Glyphs can also be earned in our Whispers in the Walls Twitch Drop campaign. More information can be found here:


Warframe on PC now solely uses the Enhanced Graphics Renderer! Meaning the Classic Graphics Renderer has officially been retired on all platforms.

Retiring the Classic Renderer on all platforms has been the goal since 2020, as maintenance of two engines meant twice the work for our graphics programmers, twice as much testing, and most importantly, it meant our artists were limited by what the Classic engine could do.

Overtime, we’ve slowly been moving all platforms to the Enhanced Graphics Renderer and retiring Classic for each:

Whispers in the Walls was developed using all of the systems and features supported by Enhanced to create a visual experience that’s on an entirely new level.

The Enhanced Graphics Renderer supports the following systems and features: 

  • New Fog System: With this update, we have updated our fog system in Warframe. Instead of the previous raymarch system that depended on lighting from the sun and other various baked-in light sources, the new system is lit in real time. Meaning that fog now has a much more realistic appearance based on the environment that it is in.
    • We have added a “Volumetric Fog Quality” setting under the Advanced Video tab. There are 4 options available to tailor based on your PC’s capabilities; disabled, low, medium, and high. Disabling it will revert the fog system back to the previous raymarch system.
  • Skin Shader Improvements: With this update, we have changed the way skin is encoded and textured to improve the appearance of deeper skin tones on the Drifter.
  • GI Volume Lighting: The character lighting response is of a higher fidelity when interacting with the environment. Reflections look more realistic and lighting across the environment is more accurate.
  • Decal system, tattoos, facial hair, and more that help raise the overall quality of Warframe!

The following PC Video options have been removed now that Classic has been retired:

  • Window Scaling Mode (i.e. the option to pick between “Scaled” and “Native”)
    • Note for players using high-DPI scaling and players with low-spec PCs: If you have been playing Warframe in windowed or borderless fullscreen and have been using this option, be sure to adjust the Upscaling options available under the “Video” tab to meet the desired performance and graphic quality possible with your hardware. More information on this video:
  • Blur Reflections Toggle
    • The Enhanced Graphics Engine uses its own reflections system that does not require it.


  • Over 150 new Duviri-themed Dojo Decorations have been added.
  • Added Vosphene Dojo Decorations for each type (Fass, Jahu, Khra, Lohk, Netra, Ris, Vome, and Xata).
  • The Legendary 4 Mastery Rank Test is now available to those eligible!
    • Cephalon Simaris’ room in the Relays has also been fitted with new Legendary Rank pods as he was running out of room!
  • Added the remaining buff descriptions for Warframe Abilities, Focus Abilities, Augment, Archwing Abilities, Companion Precepts, Mods (Galvanized Set, Aerial & Covert Bond, Fired Up, Adaptation), Arcanes (Steel Path Arcanes and Virtuous Shadow), Dragon Keys, Necramech Abilities, and all of the Status Effect debuffs (when applied to players).
    • To refresh your memory, in the Abyss of Dagath update we added the ability to hover over the HUD buff icons and read their descriptions. Since there are many many many buffs across Warframe it took us a bit more time to write and include descriptions for all the existing buffs – but we’re all caught up with this update!
  • Players can now “Activate” their Stackable “???” Rivens into Veiled Rivens via their Mod Segment. Doing so will reveal the challenge required to Unveil it and take up a Riven Slot.
  • Added the ability to sort by “Recent” (most recently purchased or acquired) in the Landing Craft Decoration Menu, and in the Dojo Decoration Menu (for Personal Decorations only).
    • Note: Ayatan Sculptures will always be listed at the top, followed by the most recent.
  • Added a “Preview Visual Effects Intensity” toggle in the Accessibility options to enable/disable the pop-up preview that appears when making changes to the Visual Effects Intensity slider. This is always disabled by default and must be toggled on each time you want to check how change will apply.
  • Added a “Enable Ordis Orbiter Transmissions” toggle in the Audio settings.
    • In Hotfix 34.0.4, Ordis’ transmissions were added to the “Enable Hint Transmissions” toggle but it is best suited as its own option to give players more ways to adjust their audio preferences. Be sure to check your Audio settings to enable/disable those toggles to your liking!



Enemy Voidrig Necramech Changes: 

These Entrati war machines have proven that they are fierce opponents, but fighting against them with their high power level requirements can feel like a bit of a trudge, which in turn also made them rather difficult for less experienced players to defeat.

Since these foes are critical targets to earn your very own Necramech, the following changes have been made to Voidrigs (both Albrecht’s Laboratories and Isolation Vaults) to improve the combat experience for all!

  • Voidrigs can now take damage anywhere (with damage attenuation) instead of just their weak points. Targeting their weak points will now deal increased damage!
    • This change is already live as it accidentally went out with Abyss of Dagath. The intention of the change was to make the fight much less taxing, while still maintaining some benefit to focusing attacks at their weak spots. Since they are now susceptible to all attack points, damage attenuation (maximum damage per instance and per second caps) was added to maintain a level of difficulty and prevent them from being one-shot. Enemy Bonewidows will receive the same treatment in a future update.
  • Updated the look of their weak points to better highlight them – they now appear as vials filled with a liquid substance that can be targeted and destroyed.
  • Removed its Shields and slightly increased its Health.
  • Voidrig ability changes:
    • Storm Shroud now deals Electricity Damage and Status Effect in a short range. A sound effect will now play when it is cast to help communicate the incoming danger.
    • Reduced the range at which Voidrig will cast Gravemines.
    • Improved the general readability of enemy Voidrig abilities to help players telegraph their attacks:
    • Added VFX at the front of Voidrigs during their slide attack to communicate the damage width more clearly.
    • Added VFX to the Gravemines’ explosions to improve visibility of the grenades and their travel range.
    • Improved readability of Necraweb’s VFX when the canister is thrown and explodes. Also improved visibility of the explosion area in which players would be slowed.
  • Improved the way Voidrigs aim at players – in other words they will now aim their guns at you more accurately.
  • Made several tweaks to their ambient noises.

Helminth Changes: 

  • Added the ability to contribute the following resources to Bile Secretions:
    • Hemocyte Cystoliths
    • Enigma Gyrum
    • Kullervo’s Bane
    • Ariette Scale
    • Rune Marrow
    • Aggristone
    • Vainthorn
  • Added the ability to contribute the following resources to Biotics Secretions:
    • Connla Sprout
    • Eevani
    • Kovnik
    • Dracroot
    • Ueymag
    • Yao Shrub
    • Silphsela
    • Tasoma Extract
  • Added the ability to contribute the remaining Duviri resources to the following Secretions.
    • Saggen Pearl (Synthetics)
    • Lamentus (Pheromones)
    • Maw Fang (Oxides)
    • Nacreous Pebble (Calx)

Nightwave Changes: 
Nightwave will now recover Permanent Weekly Acts that weren’t finished in previous weeks, allowing you to collect any missed Standing starting the next rotation. Read the official PSA for a full recap on the events that lead to this change.

Additionally, Permanent Weekly Acts are now numbered. Players can differentiate between new weeks and weeks you’ve missed.


For example, if you missed two weeks of “Not a Warning Shot” at the start of Nightwave, the third week will have “Not a Warning Shot III,” with “Not a Warning Shot I” and “Not a Warning Shot II” being recoverable. This change will occur next week, the current rotation will maintain the previous naming conventions until then.

General Nightwave Changes: 

  • Updated “The Hunt Is On” Nightwave Act’s description for clarity on challenge requirements:
    • Was: Find X Syndicate Medallions as a squad.
    • Now: Find X Syndicate Medallions. You can search by yourself or with a squad.

Mirage Eclipse Changes:
Tenno who are familiar with Mirage’s ability Eclipse know how temperamental it can be. Areas that look light are actually dark and vice versa, which can make it rather difficult to know how much of a bonus the ability is actually giving you at any moment.

To address this issue, the HUD icon for Eclipse will now continuously update to show an accurate and responsive state of what effect Mirage is currently getting, rather than just showing the maximum values from standing in light or dark. We have also updated the HUD icons with names to distinguish which buff is being given:

  • Low light environments = Lunar Eclipse
  • Bright light environments = Solar Eclipse

This at least gives us (and you) a better tool to measure what Eclipse is really doing.


With this update we started assessing how inconsistent and frustrating this ability was, and noticed a variety of problems: it didn’t work properly on the Plains of Eidolon and, super relevant for this update, it didn’t work at all with the new lighting technology in Albrecht’s Laboratories!

We are still considering what we can do to make this ability better in the long term. Stay tuned for further changes on Eclipse.
General Changes:

  • Hovering your reticle over explosive barrels will now show its explosion radius!  
  • Narmer Bounties are now always available on both Venus and Earth, regardless of what time of day it is on the Plains of Eidolon!
    • Prior to this change, Narmer Bounties on the Plains of Eidolon would only appear during the day cycle and Orb Vallis during the night cycle. Instead of waiting 150 minutes for the cycle to switch and to gain access to the bounty-exclusive rewards, you can now play them at any time!
  • Daily Tribute reward scaling is now capped at 3000 days. This is a preemptive measure! The first time 3000 days can be hit will be in March 2024.
    • The Daily Tribute system was first introduced in Update 18.0 (2015-12-03) and if you’ve been around long enough to hit day 3000 in 2024, thanks for sticking with us! Ultimately, we want to ensure the longevity of this system by proactively putting in measures that prevent an unbalanced reward system caused by indefinite scaling.
    • Players will continue to receive rewards beyond this milestone (and the day counter in the UI will still update by day), but the scaling for the following rewards (listed below) will no longer increase past the 3000 day multiplier.
      • Credits
      • Endo
      • Affinity Booster
      • Credit Booster
      • Resource Booster
      • Resource Drop Chance Booster
      • Resources
      • Forma Blueprint
  • Reduced the duration of Magnetic Status Effects when applied to players from 6 to 3 seconds and decreased the total Energy drain from 120 to 90.
    • In addition to general feedback on Magnetic Damage being a bit harsh, the new tileset has many Magnetic Damage sources so the following changes were made to ensure it still had an impact without becoming unmanageable.
  • To address severe performance issues caused by the unlimited amount of Status Effects stacks that could be transferred by Contagion Bond, we have added a 100x stacks total cap to the Mod.
  • Enemies can still be inflicted with Status Effect stacks even after hitting this cap. In other words, if 100x stacks have been transferred to an enemy from Contagion Mod, they can still receive more stacks from different sources.
  • The following items can now be purchased for Platinum in the in-game Market:
    • Veiled Riven Cipher
    • Primary Arcane Adapter
    • Secondary Arcane Adapter
    • Melee Arcane Adapter
  • Hovering over Warframe color channels in the Arsenal will now highlight the associated area!
  • Added a message to the end of mission screen when a key-based mission (e.g. Abyssal Zone) failed due to the key-owner quitting or disconnecting: “Owner of the mission key left the squad.”
  • Increased the Starting Energy of the following Prime Warframes so that they have higher Energy Capacity compared to their base version:
    • Grendel Prime from 100 to 115
    • Inaros Prime from 50 to 75
    • Ivara Prime from 75 to 100
    • Khora Prime from 75 to 100
    • Limbo Prime from 100 to 125
    • Nidus Prime from 50 to 75
    • Titania Prime from 100 to 125
  • Updated the Daily Special purchase message at Legs to indicate that Moas use Sentinel Weapons. It will now indicate if a player does not own a Sentinel Weapon to use with their new Moa.
    • “You do not own any compatible weapons for this Moa. Moas share ranged weapons with Sentinels, these weapons are included when Sentinels are purchased or built in the Foundry. Are you sure you want to purchase this Moa?”
  • Removed the Tomb Guardian from the list of spawnable enemies in the Simulacrum.
  • Since these enemies split into smaller versions of themselves upon defeat, they could result in a large number of foes spawned into the Simulacrum, leading to performance issues or crashes.
  • Updated buff description for Nova’s Escape Velocity Augment Mod to specify “Movement Speed” instead of just “Speed”. Now reads:
    • “Increased Movement Speed after traveling through Worm Hole.”
  • The Gear Wheel now displays your respective Hot Key binding on the actual item instead of the description when opening the Gear Wheel.
  • Pressing “P” in-match will now directly open the End Of Mission preview screen instead of forcing the Pause Menu to also open and swing the camera.
  • Added on-hover tooltips to Mods with unique effects. Mods with a special mechanic will now appear bolded in its description indicating that you can hover over it to learn more about it. This applies to the following (not exhaustive):
    • Syndicate Mods (Justice, Truth, Entropy, Blight, Purity, Sequence)
    • The new Tennokai Mods
    • Mods that grant Overguard
  • Reduced the delay that could occur between using a Riven Cipher and witnessing the Unveiling visual effects.
  • Primary and Secondary Arcane descriptions now indicate that you require a Primary or Secondary Arcane Adapter in order to install said Arcane.
  • Updated the Veiled Riven Cipher’s description to better explain its usage:
    • Was: “Identify a Veiled Riven.”
    • Now: “Use this cipher to instantly complete one Veiled Riven Challenge at the cost of consuming the cipher.”
  • Renamed “Secondary Fire” in the Controls settings to “Alternate Fire” to unify naming with Weapon and Mod descriptions
  • Sentinels will now only be Highlighted with Character Highlights if the “Self Highlight” option is toggled on.
    • Previously, Sentinels would be affected by Ally Highlights regardless of the Self Highlight toggle. Since Sentinels hover over the Warframe’s shoulder, we now consider them to be an extension of the “Self” for the purposes of the Character Highlighting system.
  • You can now unlock Waverider Challenges in any mission, not just Open Zones, if you have Yareli equipped and Merulina unlocked.
  • Cobra and Crane’s passive interaction with Baruuk (the first strike of this weapon will put enemies to sleep) now respects enemy CC immunity (Eximus, Bosses, Overguard, etc.).
  • Increased Garv’s armor in Cambion Drift Bounties to improve his survivability.
  • The crystal fractals on Citrine’s Crystallize will now disappear more quickly to reduce overall visual clutter. This does not impact the duration of the Crystalline Growths on foes — we simply adjusted the ability effects where they search out foes.
  • Added sound effect to opening the Arcane Segment in the Orbiter and when equipping Arcanes.



  • Made systemic optimizations to the Chat Linking system.
  • Made systemic optimizations to the memory footprint for all platforms.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to rendering for all platforms.
  • Made several optimizations to DirectX 12 memory consumption and rendering.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to the memory footprint on all platforms.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to the script runtime.
  • Made micro-optimizations to loading the inventory of large accounts.
  • Made optimizations to disconnecting Razer Chroma devices while playing Warframe.


  • Fixed loss of functionality caused by using Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance with an Archgun equipped.
  • Fixed becoming invulnerable and gaining use of your Primary and Secondary weapons when rolling immediately after Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance.
  • Fixed Ember’s Inferno not earning Shields from Energy spent when used with Augur Set Mods or Brief Respite.
  • Fixed Dagath’s Rakhali’s Cavalry not applying defense reduction to Doomed enemies while they are ragdolled.
  • Fixed being able to use Inner Might multiple times when casting Abilities via the Railjack Tactical Menu. Now, Inner Might will be used for the initial cast and go into cooldown, as intended.
  • Fixed detonating a Glaive weapon while dual wielding using the Alternate Fire binding instead of the intended Heavy Melee Attack binding.
  • Fixed subsequent casts of Xaku’s The Lost and The Vast Untime Abilities not consuming Inner Might or Mystic Bond charges, allowing them to be cast for free repeatedly.
  • Fixed Excalibur Umbra being able to pass into Kuva Trokar anti-Warframe fields after using Transference (or being ejected from your Warframe). Now he will be stopped outside the bubble like all other Warframes.
  • Fixed Exploding Barrels applying full damage to Defense objectives (moving targets, terminals etc.) As reported here:
  • Fixed Exploding Barrels dealing 100% of their damage to Companions and friendly NPCs. They will now only deal the same 30% damage that players receive.
  • Fixed Arcane Power Ramp losing its stacks upon using Transference.
  • Fixed Auto Melee persisting if the first melee of a mission is a Warframe ability (Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance, etc.)
  • Fixed Host Migrating with a dead Client sometimes resulting in a Failed mission for the returning players.
  • Fixed using Auto Melee while entering a Cutscene resulting in being locked in a perma-melee state with no input required.
  • Fixed Clients’ Warframe rotation being replicated badly for Host after Transference.
  • Fixed Zariman Void Cascade bubble not knocking back Client Warframes.
  • Fixed Clients experiencing a loss of function if a Host Migration occurs while said Clients are in an Exolizer bubble during a Zariman Void Cascade mission.
  • Fixed cases where enemies would ignore Clients after a Host Migration occurred.
  • Fixed Umbra’s sentient mode ceasing to function if Clients get Host Migrated while in Operator mode.
  • Fixed Orowyrm Dive ability button appearing as “UNBOUND” during Stage 9 of the Duviri Paradox Quest.
  • Fixed block combos not working seamlessly with auto-melee, as reported here:
  • Fixed the damage multiplier HUD tracker for Voruna’s Ulfrun’s Descent not updating properly for Clients.
    • We had attempted to fix this in Hotfix 34.0.6, but it ultimately required a code fix which has been included in this update!
  • Fixed Affinity gained from killing enemies with Voruna’s Ulfrun’s Descent applying to the whole loadout, instead of to Voruna exclusively as intended (all Affinity gained from ability kills go to Warframe).
  • Fixed an issue where Zephyr’s Tornadoes weren’t dealing their tick damage to enemies until players shot Elemental Damage into them.
  • Fixed the Pack Leader Mod not granting Companions Health or Overguard from Gunblade Melee attacks.
  • Fixed Allies and Enemy Highlighting remaining active during Quest cutscenes. They will no longer be visible during cutscenes if enabled.
  • Fixed Parazon getting equipped in hand after Mercy-killing an Eximus enemy while auto-meleeing.
  • Fixed Clients getting stuck loading into a Void Cascade mission indefinitely.
  • Fixed endlessly Melee attacking in Duviri as Drifter if the “Melee with Fire Weapon Input” toggle is enabled.
  • Fixed receiving friend requests when you have the “Receive Friend Requests From” option set to “Nobody” in your settings.
  • Fixed Councilor Vay Hek getting stuck in a ventilation pipe in his boss arena, causing a progression stop.
  • Fixed damage numbers from attacks affected by Voruna’s Shroud of Dynar being the incorrect Critical Hit color.
  • Fixed Warframe abilities being able to target invulnerable turrets in the Index.
    • This fixes issues where certain abilities, like Protea’s Blaze Artillery, would target the turrets despite being unable to harm them.
  • Fixed opening the pause menu while Transferring into the Orowyrm causing the player camera to detach from the Orowyrm.
  • Fixed Clients using Transference right as they get teleported to the next Circuit Stage getting teleported to the Circuit “Waiting Room” instead.
  • Fixed Xaku’s Grasp of Lohk being able to kill enemies through doors.
  • Fixed explosive consoles created by Mirage’s Sleight of Hand causing enemies to trigger alarms when interacted with. Now these consoles will explode once enemies use them, but alarms will no longer be raised.
  • Fixed a case of players being able to bypass the inactivity detector in the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Fixed Slingshotting into Corpus Ships in Railjack missions causing instant mission failure.
  • Fixed Magus Aggress charges being unintentionally consumed by Companion attacks.
  • Fixed Enemy Highlights not applying Archon Amar’s clones.
  • Fixed armor stripped by Hildryn’s Pillage sometimes regenerating on enemies affected by Hydroid’s Passive.
    • We are aware of other issues related to Hydroid’s Passive and armor strip, but those require a Code Fix that did not make it in time for this update.
  • Fixed cases of Tusk Thumpers on the Plains of Eidolon becoming invulnerable.
  • Fixed certain multishot alt-fire attacks, namely from the Arum Spinosa and Quassus, dealing unintentionally high damage to Archons.
    • Maximum Damage Per Instance was incorrectly using these weapons’ Primary (single instance) attack instead of its alt-fire (multi-instance) attack in the damage attenuation calculation – which resulted in higher than intended damage numbers for each instance.
  • Fixed certain Sentient enemies being pushed away by Nidus’ Larva, instead of being pulled in as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where auto-melee was preventing players from throwing throwable objects, such as Thermia Canisters, with their Melee equipped.
  • Fixed Xaku’s Grasp of Lohk weapons being able to hit enemies inside of the Arctic and Guardian Eximus’ protective bubbles.
  • Fixed the “Invert Tap/Hold Abilities” toggle not applying to Vauban’s Bastille and Titania’s Spellbind ability.
  • Fixed a bug with long dedicated server sessions “leaking” slots (Clients partially joining a session but never connecting/disconnecting from the slot). Thank you to a dedicated Tenno out there who sent useful reports to help us nail this down!
  • Fixed the Catabolyst sometimes skipping its reload animation which was preventing players from using its grenade throw attack.
    • This also fixes being unable to benefit from its Critical Mutation Augment Mod, which applied buffs to its grenade.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to skip mission intro cutscene if the Host skipped it before they loaded in.
  • Fixed Host and Clients experiencing performance issues caused by Kubrow with the Duplex Bond Mod and a Collar equipped.
  • Fixed Ivara Prime’s jellyfish effects missing from her helmet. She has been jellified once again.
  • Fixed being unable to progress past the “Find the Vault” stage of the Heart of Deimos Quest.

Cross Platform Play Changes & Fixes:

  • Newly created Clans and Alliances will now have the “Cross Platform Clan” toggle enabled by default.
    • A pop-up explaining how to disable Cross Platform Clan will occur upon creation, to ensure players are familiar with the setting.
  • Fixed an issue where players on console were unable to add a friend on PC if they had the same account alias.
  • Fixed players receiving an incorrect error message, “Cannot sync to Warframe database due to no internet connection.”,  when trying to send a friend request to someone with a duplicate name on another platform, for whom they already have a pending friend request.
  • Fixes towards unclear error prompts when inviting a player when you have Cross Platform Play disabled. It will now better communicate why an invite isn’t being sent due to Cross Platform Play settings between sender and receiver.



  • Fixed a case where Zylok and Zylok Prime’s flipping firing animation triggered too frequently for Clients when viewed by Host.
  • Fixed various armor offset issues on Grendel Prime with the Grendel Voidshell Skin equipped.
  • Fixed the first letter typed into a text box not registering if the text box is selected by a Controller, but the text input is performed by a Keyboard.
  • Fixed various Syandanas appearing smaller on Dagath compared to other Warframes.
  • Fixed a case of Sibear’s heavy attack causing a performance hitch.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the back half of the Railjack after the Host aborted the mission.
  • Fixed the Updates Screen button above the in-game news console being pushed off-screen if there were a lot of in-game news links.
    • Now the screen will offer players the ability to scroll should all links not fit on one page.
  • Fixed icons of currently inflicted Status Effects not appearing over enemy heads with the “Show Enemy Names” setting toggled off.
  • Fixed Buff Icons not updating when using the Railjack Tactical Menu.
  • Fixed Nightwave Screen displaying the incorrect background if a player accesses it via the new Episode pop-up menu.
  • Fixed custom reticle color from HUD settings not applying to the Dorrclave and Incarnon Weapons.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to see the Status Effects spread from Contagious Bond in the UI.
  • Fixed the End of Mission screen showing the incorrect amount of Stock earned in a Break Narmer mission (UI only issue).
  • Fixed Client crash that could occur when trying to Abort a mission from the pause menu while transitioning to a hub.
  • Fixed various Warframes displaying incorrect Health values when previewed in the Conclave Arsenal.
  • Fixed an issue where Nidus’ Virulence Energy refund per enemy hit was incorrectly displayed as zero when Zenurik’s Inner Might was equipped.
  • Fixed Transmissions appearing squished with FSR2.2 or DLSS upscaling enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with Orb Vallis coolant shaders.
  • Fixed inconsistent capitalization in Node names when checking with the Arbiters of Hexis which Nodes must still be unlocked to gain access to Arbitrations.
  • Fixed Heavy Attack charge up animation not respecting “Camera Tracks Melee Target” setting while the player is stationary.
  • Fixed unintended “|CONDITION|” appearing in Cascadia Empowered’s and Rising Agony Decree’s description.
  • Fixed cases of the HDR settings being available to players when graphical settings did not support it, resulting in nothing happening when toggled on.
  • Fixed K-Drive trick chains less than 10 seconds triggering completion for the “Keep a K-Drive trick chain alive for 10 seconds” challenge on Page 3 of the Waverider Quest.
  • Fixed black splotches appearing at the bottom of Parazon Mods.
  • Fixed armor offset issues with the Commodore Prime Suit.
  • Fixed players getting stuck respawning endlessly if they are standing on top of the cannon in the Koro, Kuva Fortress mission after it has been fired.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when Clients in a squad have an Aura Mod equipped and there was Host migration.
  • Fixed rare cases where weapons can instantly reload with proper timing on mouse release.
  • Fixed Azima Alt Fire indefinitely rising upwards instead of at its fixed height. As reported here:
  • Fixed Waypoint functionality breaking if the full large-sized map was up before mounting/dismounting a K-Drive.
  • Fixed the Axio Engineer always having the enemy waypoint marker on him when spawned in the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed lingering Intrinsics screen when a player is dragged into the Duviri Circuit while the Intrinsics screen is open.
  • Fixed rare cases where you could trigger Auto Melee while on the Kaithe.
  • Fixed Velocipods trailing under the Deimos exocrine instead of hovering on top, making it hard to Tranq or mount them.
  • Fixed cases where dismounting and remounting a K-Drive will leave players unable to shoot their secondary weapon.
  • Fixed players who are inactive during the entirety of an Abyssal Zone mission still receiving End of Mission rewards.
  • Fixed Mods starting with a special character are incorrectly sorted in the End of Mission screen when using the French client.
  • Fixed various buff icons appearing in the Pause menu and overlapping the menu UI.
  • Fixed a random clothes rack spawning in the Grineer Galleon tile set.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Incarnon challenge requirements could be surpassed which prevented the next Evolution tier from being unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue in the first part of Vor’s Prize where some Grineer showed odd movements as they approached players.
  • Fixed Corpus Condor Dropships having no collision, making it difficult to land Melee attacks on the enemies within them.
  • Fixed an issue where new players would only have access to the SPROUT area in Teshin’s Cave after restarting the game.
  • Fixed getting the “Failed to Connect to Server” error message instead of “User Cannot Be Found” if you enter an account name in chat that does not exist and attempt to view its profile.
  • Fixed the “Unable to join; Relay instance is reserved for players on another platform” error message occurring when attempting to join a Relay/Hub with Cross Platform Play Enabled.
  • Fixed issue where markers with no background icon could stack on top of another marker.
  • Fixed the preview description for Chat linked songs saying that it is part of the Kuva Lich Hunter Collection.
  • Fixed hitch occurring upon opening the Index scoreboard.
  • Fixed being able to clip through the ceiling by jumping up into various doorways in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
  • Fixed enemies having trouble climbing up the stairs in the Grineer Forest Defense tileset.
  • Fixed the Dax Equitem going temporarily invisible after teleporting through Gara’s Mass Vitrify.
  • Fixed the hologram door icons for the Harbinger’s Pass and Courtier’s Bliss Dojo Rooms hovering away from the door.
  • Fixed weird behavior with the Nukor’s enlarging effect on enemy limbs.
  • Fixed an issue where aiming at enemies with Incarnon weapons, like the Felarx, caused a brief white flash in the reticle. The reticle now remains red as intended.
  • Fixed being unable to chat link certain Companion fur colors.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when hovering over empty slots in the End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to enter the Cambion Drift from the Necralisk during the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed a script error caused by the Melee Guidance Aura Mod.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm.
  • Fixed a script error causing certain materials failing to fade correctly after defeating Councilor Vay Hek.
  • Fixed rocks near the elevators in the Strata relay having visible grid lines.
  • Fixed an invisible object underneath the crashed ship in the Awakening Quest.
  • Fixed a wall panel in the Corpus Gas City tileset unloading and reloading depending on how far away you are from it.
  • Fixed a gap in the Grineer Galleon tileset.
  • Fixed a hole in the Grineer Forest tileset.
  • Fixed root/rock textures clipping through the ground in the Break Narmer Junk Run mission.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to see a specific zipline in the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Fixed a small area on one of the floating rocks in the Undercroft being unlit.
  • Fixed disconnected ground textures behind one of the houses in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed some haloing on various in-game icons.
  • Fixed offset issues with the Maggor Leg Guard and Towsun variant on Inaros.
  • Fixed the Shield Gate Invulnerability stat tooltip for Sevagoth not updating based on the equipped Shield Mods.
  • Fixed an invisible wall preventing players from entering a door in Lua Spy missions.
  • Fixed a case of a neighboring tile causing clipping in the Orokin Tower tileset.
  • Fixes towards various cases of floating resource crates in the Grineer Galleon tileset.
  • Fixed a texture gap in the mountain during The War Within Quest.
  • Fixed a lighting issue in the Vay Hek assassination mission.
  • Fixed a hitch when selecting a Warframe in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed Client disconnect when selecting a Warframe in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed the Thunderbolt Mod causing self-damage to Ivara when equipped on her Artemis Bow.
  • Fixed a small area in Deimos where a player could fall out of the world.
  • Fixed context action for a Zariman Mobile Defense terminal being misaligned.
  • Fixed ability to freely move the camera through the locked doors of the Sands of Inaros Quest.
  • Fixed the ability to place the camera inside your Warframe when speaking to Darvo.
  • Fixed Warframe not aligning correctly to the Void Relic segment when installing it.
  • Fixed News console in the Orbiter having a very small interaction radius.
  • Fixed the Market console screen in the Orbiter being too far forward.
  • Fixed an issue where your Landing Craft would dock at a weird angle after quickly skipping the cutscenes while loading into Maroo’s Bazaar.
  • Fixed the Javi Evolution Scrawling Decoration laying flat in Decoration Menu and Baro Ki’Teer dioramas instead of upright as intended.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Hydroid’s on-hover Ability information.
  • Fixed being able press “repeat mission” while already reconnecting to a disconnected squad, resulting in a crash.
  • Fixed a script error in Archon Hunt missions.
  • Fixed an issue where lightly tapping the melee input to swap from Sirocco to Melee as Drifter would not actually perform a melee swing, resulting in players being unable to quick fire for a short period of time.
  • Fixed the Waverider Challenge list still appearing in the pause menu after deselecting it as the active Quest in the Codex.
  • Fixed the Navigation Console, Star Chart, and World State Window UI not updating at the exact moment Baro arrives.
  • Fixed enemies falling through the map in the Helene, Saturn Defense mission.
  • Fixed casting Baruuk’s Desolate Hands ability in Teshin’s Cave targeting the kneeling Warframes, which was also causing a script error.
  • Fixed being unable to use Wisp’s Will-O-Wisp in the Undercroft after casting it in the lobby before loading in.
  • Fixed the HUD filling up with Blast icons if hit with Blast Damage while riding Merulina.
  • Fixed being unable to chat link the new Tennobaum 2023 Glyphs and several crafting components.
  • Fixed a map hole in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
  • Fixed a set of stairs having incorrect textures in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
  • Fixed Panthera firing its primary and alt fire simultaneously and repeatedly after casting Wukong’s Cloud Walker.
  • Fixed the Khinn Syandana getting stuck on Yareli’s legs when equipping in Arsenal.
  • Fixed certain parts of the Gauss’ Nitrolyst Helmet being incorrectly positioned when Redline mode is disabled.
  • Fixed the scrolling speed being far too fast in long Inbox messages.
  • Fixed the Helium Barrels in the Corpus Gas City tileset not having collision.
  • Fixed a script error in the Last Gasp Focus ability.
  • Fixed a script error in Mirage’s Prism ability.
  • Fixed performance issues caused by interactions between Wisp’s Shock Mote and Saryn’s Spores with a companion with Vicious Bond equipped.
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