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Goon Wars Update 3.0.8 Patch Notes

Goon Wars, the free-to-play trading card strategy game, recently underwent maintenance and received a significant update.

The developers have introduced Goon Wars version 3.0.8, and they’ve shared the details of the changes made. Feel free to learn more below.

Goon Wars 3.0.8 Changelog

New cards:

  1. [G103] Spreading the Love
  2. [G141] Beeserker
  3. [G224] Earthly Restoration
  4. [G225] Mosquitoroid
  5. [G251] Beholder the Hypnotist
  6. [G284] Parkour! PARKOUR!


  1. Wagering: Completed final analysis of the code and exploration of security improvements. Implemented remaining foundational parts.
  2. Partner NFT Integration:
    – Retrieved NFTs from partner contracts through the Opensea API.
    – Provided NFT support for both ERC1155 and ERC721 standards.
    – Enabled the addition of any NFT available on the Opensea website as a partner NFT into the game.
  3. Unity Analytics: Improved and optimized internal monitoring of quantitative data from the game, such as DAU, MAU, etc.
  4. Smart Contracts: New smart contract was created and deployed to allow addition of future collections. Support of multi-contracts was enabled.
  5. New game mode/parameter: Implementation of “infinitely rotating graveyard”, meaning once you run out of cards in the deck, the graveyard reshuffles. This will not be enabled by default, it will be a separate game mode or will be enabled for particular events.
  6. Ability to connect with another wallet: Now users can login to the website using Coinbase, in addition to MetaMask.
  7. New VFX added to:
    – [B050] On The Wrong Foot
    – [G138] Gardencision
    – [G283] Electric Strike

Bug Fixes:

  • Surprise Pirate “Last Breath” bug fixed when played with Mevthar God of Power as well as against Shockshifter. V2
  • Surprise Pirate “Last Breath” bug fixed when played with Beeserker.
  • Intoxicated Beast. When inflicting additional damage on a player with 0 HP, the game does not crash.
  • Enhanced contrast for improved visibility while selecting new filters in Deck Editor.
  • On The Wrong Foot was corrected to target one creature only.
  • Error when player tries to open a chest in the second slot. Modifications were implemented in the code to rectify the issue and eliminate the root cause of the bug.
  • The “Choose Type of Deck” window is now presented before each battle, allowing players to make their deck selection before entering into combat.
  • An unhandled error occurred when attempting to accelerate the chest-opening process, now displaying a “Not enough gems” message.
  • Salamander of Fire now accurately calculates its attack based on the number of existing Fire tiles on the board, excluding the tile created by its placement.
  • Enlarged text on the button when a player chooses a faction, improving readability.
  • Incorrect font on character customization buttons when registering a new user was aligned to fit correctly into the blocks.
  • Magmadame’s ability now correctly excludes non-Fire creatures. Moreover, when a creature affected by Magmadame is shuffled back into the deck, the player draws a random card.
  • Beeserker’s behavior was rectified to correctly trigger the Drago’melette “Last Breath” effect.
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