Microsoft is now working directly with Pocket Pair to bring improvements to Palworld

The news we have all been waiting for is a partnership between Microsoft and Palworld.

A few words for Palworld, in case you don’t know what Palworld is. As mentioned, Palworld is a game where players co-live with creatures, and these creatures are known as Pals. You can choose between peaceful gameplay, or you can be vicious. It is your choice.

Pals in Palworld are used to fight and breed and workers on farms and factories. The strangest feature in Palworld is that you can eat your Pals. Yes, you heard that right, you can eat them. Everything can happen when survival comes into question.

There are more than 100 Pals available to players, and each Pal has its range of abilities, meaning that one Pal is made for battles, and another Pal is made for crafting and building. But in the end, they all taste the same.

Talking about this partnership between Microsoft and Palworld now. In Microsoft’s words, Palworld is now officially the most-played third-party day one launch, as well as peaking at nearly three million daily active users on Xbox. Wow, this is amazing.

Microsoft has also told the world that they have decided to work with Pocket Pair to provide support for the Xbox versions of the game. In other words, Microsoft will give dedicated servers to Pocket Pair for Palworld, as well as offer engineering resources to help with memory optimization and other features.

This help is provided to speed up the whole process of making every Palworld update available for players, as well as provide teamwork to optimize the title for the Xbox platforms. While it is not the partnership that we all were hoping for, a “collaboration” like this can become something great and beautiful in the future.

Fun stuff. We are really glad that good things are happening in the gaming world, especially when games suddenly rise to the top.

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