Palworld Beginners Guide, Key Features for Progress and the Fastest Way to Level Up

Palworld is becoming a gaming wonder, taking the world by storm, and breaking records on Steam. The game sold over 2 million copies and has a current player base of over 700,000 players. It’s obvious this game is something special, and everyone who tried it loves it.

Some key features in Palworld are crucial for progress and can significantly impact your gameplay experience.

Leveling up lets you unlock the ability to craft items by spending points, but you can also find physical blueprints in chests. These blueprints not only save you from spending points but also offer stronger item versions, up to Legendary quality. Dungeons are a common place to find them.

Choosing a base location is more than finding flat land, it’s about the resources nearby. Early on, one critical resource is Ore. If your base has nearby Ore deposits, your pals can harvest them for you. This isn’t necessary for basic resources like stone or wood, as you can create harvest plots for them. For example, I have a secondary base near the Chillax boss, situated in an 8-ore node area, optimized for automated ore harvesting.

A fast way to level up is by catching Pals, which gives more XP than defeating them (for the first 10 of each type). This is beneficial not only for XP but also for upgrading and finding Pals with useful passive skills. By aiming to catch 10 of each Pal, you’ll easily outpace the level of each zone you’re in.

Also, the Shield is worth mentioning. This is a passive feature, not an active tool. It provides extra health points.

The most crucial stats to focus on are Health, Weight, and Crafting Speed. You can respec later if needed. Health is important, but its significance diminishes with stronger armor obtained through blueprints. Weight is almost always crucial, and Crafting Speed is incredibly valuable, especially when automation limits the number of pals available for tasks. Handcrafting becomes a significant part of the game, often more time-consuming than farming.

Your approach to allocating these three stats will vary, but remember that gear and pals can augment the other stats.

Beginner Tips: A Community Collection
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We’ve given it a try, and it’s safe to say this game is fun. It’s the game we’ve been waiting for, and we’re excited to continue exploring its open world.

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