Palworld Early Access is now available on PC and Xbox Series X/S

Palworld by Pocketpair, often described as a mix of Pokemon with guns, is now accessible in early access. This unique survival and creature-collection game is available for PC through Steam’s Early Access and Xbox Series X/S. It’s even included in the Game Pass lineup.

In this game, your adventure starts as you find yourself stranded on a strange chain of islands. Survival is critical – you must construct a shelter, secure food, and defend yourself. The islands are inhabited by creatures called Pals. These creatures are not just for companionship. They are integral to gathering resources, preparing meals, and other survival tasks. They’re also your allies in combat, where they can showcase their unique skills or even wield SMGs, Assault Rifles, and even Bazookas.

Palworld offers a collection of over 100 Pals, a diverse range of more than 70 building types, and over 350 items. While the game currently lacks PvP and crossplay features, the developers at Pocketpair are exploring these options. They anticipate the early access phase will extend for approximately a year.

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