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Pokemon Go calculating IVs just got easier

Trainers, do you ever wonder why some Pokemon dominate battles while others struggle? The answer might lie in IVs, hidden stats that determine their true potential.

Think of IVs as unique fingerprints for each Pokemon, affecting Attack, Defense, and Stamina. Higher IVs mean a higher possibility of dealing damage, taking hits, and lasting longer.

But how do you unlock this hidden power? Thanks to Emotional_Bar_458’s handy IV calculator, it’s easier than ever.

I see a lot of people confused with IVs, hope this helps.
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Shadow Pokemon seems like a quick way to perfection, but be careful. Purifying them removes their unique stat boosts and powerful charged attacks. It can make them weaker, and we don’t want that.

Remember, trainers:

  • IVs influence your Pokemon’s true strength
  • Emotional_Bar_458’s IV calculator helps you understand them
  • Use this knowledge to make informed choices about training
  • Weigh the pros and cons before purifying Shadow Pokemon
  • Purifying Shadow Pokemon will increase 2 IV points

With IVs on your side and the IV calculator as your guide, you can now build a team that can defeat anyone. Knowledge is power, trainers, so go on, build your best team, and win as many battles as you want.

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