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Pokémon GO Compensation for Missing Shiny Tornadus During Raids

As we rang in the new year, hope was high among Pokémon GO players that 2024 would be the year free of bugs and full of smooth gaming experiences. Unfortunately, it seems Niantic’s New Year’s resolution to iron out the kinks didn’t stick any better than most diet plans do past January.

Within the first couple of weeks of 2024, it’s been a bumpy ride for Pokémon GO enthusiasts. The latest in the saga? The elusive Shiny Tornadus Therian was supposed to gloriously sweep into Raids on January 10th. Trainers worldwide, pumped up for the global Raid Hour, found their excitement deflated like a week-old party balloon when the shiny variant pulled a vanishing act. Twelve hours ticked by, with no shiny in sight, leaving many wondering if the Shiny Tornadus had taken a wrong turn somewhere in the Pokémon universe.

And that’s not the end of the list of misadventures. We’ve seen shiny-locked Party Hat Raticate and Nidorino during the New Year’s event, Espeon and Umbreon shiny-locked during the Lustrous Odyssey, and, to add insult to injury, the game itself took a nap for 45 minutes on January 10th. Seems like Niantic’s servers decided they needed a break, too.

Now, in a move as predictable as a Spinda’s stumble, Niantic has come forward with an apologetic nod and a promise of compensation. What’s on the apology platter this time? We can only hope it’s something more satisfying than the standard fare of a few Poké Balls and berries.

Stay tuned, trainers. As soon as we know the details of the compensation, you’ll know. Here’s to hoping Niantic finds its footing soon and that the rest of the year is as smooth as a freshly evolved Gyarados.

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