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Pokemon GO first official Taiwan Route debuts in Tainan, City Safari event announced

Trainers, Taiwan has recently launched its first official Pokemon Go Routes in Tainan, as reported by Taipei Times.

In a move celebrating the city’s fourth centennial, Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, has designed these Routes. Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che highlighted that a total of 30 Routes cover nine of the city’s districts, featuring more than 200 tourist sites specifically tailored for Pokemon trainers.

These Pokemon Go Routes in Tainan offer more than just standard gameplay. In addition to collecting badges and meeting the game’s non-playable character Mateo for special gifts, players can also collect Zygarde Cells to change the form of the special Pokemon Zygarde. The city’s tourism administration encourages players to enjoy the various tourist adventures Tainan has to offer.

Tainan has prepared 500 icash 2.0 souvenirs featuring Sababoy, one of the city’s fish-based mascots. These souvenirs are available at the Anping Visitor Information Center for explorers who complete all 30 of Tainan’s official Pokemon Go Routes, Mayor Huang mentioned.

Participants in Tainan’s Pokemon Go Routes can also enter a draw for a Dragon zodiac lantern designed for the upcoming Lantern Festival during the Lunar New Year, from Feb. 3 to March 10.

Furthermore, to commemorate Tainan’s 400th anniversary, Niantic is launching the City Safari event in Tainan from March 9 to 10.

During this event, trainers will have the opportunity to encounter the City Safari event-exclusive Gen VI Pokemon, Skiddo, and catch Gen V’s Bouffalant, a Pokemon typically limited to the New York area in the US. Additionally, rare shiny Pokemon and Pokemon with unique costumes will be available, and eggs collected during the event will have a higher chance of hatching rare Pokemon such as Deino.

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