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Pokemon Go Game Master Brings New ‘Rockruff Dusk’ Form

Trainers, there’s been a recent development in Pokemon Go that might be a bit of a letdown for those who’ve been saving their perfect IV and shiny Rockruff for a special evolution. In aligning with the main series games, Niantic and Pokemon Go are introducing Dusk Form Lycanroc in a way that might not meet everyone’s expectations.

Here’s a quick recap: the Lustrous Odyssey event is where Dusk Form Lycanroc is set to make its debut. Initially, it was announced that during this event, certain Rockruff encountered or hatched could evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc, instead of the standard Midday or Midnight Forms. This left many trainers prepared to evolve their existing Rockruff.

However, a recent find in the game’s GM file reveals a new twist. Niantic is adding a separate “Rockruff_Dusk” form. This means that the Rockruff currently in your collection won’t be the ones evolving into the Dusk Form.

The Game Master already has display info for evolutions of “ROCKRUFF_NORMAL” versus “ROCKRUFF_DUSK”. (from PokeMiners)
byu/skewtr inTheSilphRoad

While this might be disappointing for those who have been waiting to evolve their existing Rockruff, this move does maintain consistency with the traditional Pokemon game series. It preserves the authenticity of the Pokemon universe within Pokemon Go, even though it requires a shift in our in-game strategies.

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